things that dr. sterk is not allowed to do..

keep in mind that this list does not insure that dr. sterk, dr. bright , or clef are mentally insane, and this is (likely) a joke, however, this list does apply that dr. sterk is indeed… strange, to say the least.

1 dr. sterk is not allowed to spill water on scps "for the sake of melting them."

2. he is no longer allowed to use any machines made by scp-915 after an incident involving "a growing scp-2088 invasion."

3. dr. sterk is banned from the menu, any vending scps, and is not allowed to steal food from class-D due to your "need to feed" and I quote "my babies" even uttering "my babies" will result in containment within Zone-V (note: anyone reading this, keep in mind that Zone-V is considered "the void" and is used as both shelter AND punishment for dr. sterk… due to exposure, he is in no need for anything such as food, even if he says so)

4. scp-2088 and scp-2088-A are not allowed to be in contact with dr. sterk after that one incident where a protest against furries started… and no, we are not furries, nor' do we hate you're idea or you in general, you just need to let people be.

5. dr. sterk is no longer allowed near scp-1471-A Any animal based scp whatsoever, we just don't need you messing with them in any shape or form.

6. dr. sterk is no longer allowed to use the "shrink ray" to shrink himself along with staff members to "start war against titans" but that's boring, sir, why though? we don't care about it being fun, and you are not to edit this document.

7. dr. sterk is not allowed to speak of sexual thoughts in front of scp-983 or ANY scp or teach them how sex works… Just what the hell, man!

8. dr. sterk is not allowed to scream "it's a trap" when in contact with any scps related to boxes..

9. dr. sterk is NEVER allowed to even speak of his "oral-to-anal-1471-1 tour" to anyone. the last time you did it we had to clean your car AND help recover both brain cells of scp-173 AND scp-076 after what they saw… in general, that was just fucked up!

10. sterk is NOT TO EVER be in the vicinity of dr. bright or dr. clef… you broke rule #9 with them and we had to save 6 scps from killing themselves… what is even with ya'll and driving into scp-1471-A!?

11. any access to any joke scps such as "the super weed" and "darkblade" is 100% right out!

12. never should dr. sterk ever get in contact with a dildo or attempt to invent a dildo with anomalous material at any given time or reason… just no.

13. the scp foundation's motto is "secure, contain, protect", not:

"stairs, cars, big cherries, see a bear, magic beans."

"zombie conga lines were here."

"does it satisfy scp-682?"

"barbacue sauce!"

"i 'befriended' your mom last night."

"succubus, cum, and piss."

"furries are bad to the community."

just stop.

14. "purple" is not an answer or an excuse for anything whatsoever. purple seriously, sterk, stop editing this document…

15. sterk is not allowed to attempt to use any Reality bending scps to enter and "unleash the beast" on yiff-cons, seriously, stop releasing scp-983, it's hard to contain it without getting anyone killed!

16. dr. sterk, no matter how many times you photoshop yourself to scp-1471-a, or how many blood drenched fursuits we must take from him, he is not, and never will be "the fur slayer."