SCP-001 Proposal: Davy Jones's Locker
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Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures:

The nature of SCP-001 renders it impossible to contain conventionally; therefore, it is to remain hidden. Knowledge of SCP-001's contents (as explained in the Addendum section below) is restricted to all SCP personnel with O5 clearance, along with the Ethics Committee and the crews of the ten Amphitrite-class battlecruisers that serve to guard SCP-001 and SCP-001-B. Any civilians who chance upon any evidence of the anomalies are to be administered class-A amnestics by any means possible.

In the event of any instance of SCP-001-A emerging from and/or opening SCP-001, the guarding forces are authorised to use everything up to and including miniature nuclear warheads beneath the water to either repel or kill said instances. Failure to do so carries a 67% likelihood of incurring a XK-class scenario. Additionally, every deceased instance of SCP-001-A is to be transported to the holding grounds of SCP-682 for sustenance.

In the event of a disappearance of any aquatic or aerial vessel within SCP-001-B, a wreckage matching that of the disappeared craft must be placed on the perimeter within twelve hours of the disappearance being recorded. A select number of D-class personnel must be euthanized, burned, mutilated and placed within said wreckage for additional authenticity. The SCP is to prepare for the emergence of [REDACTED]. Additionally, all relevant flight paths and auto-pilot systems have been retooled to avoid falling below 5000 metres in altitude over SCP-001 and SCP-001-B as a precautionary measure to avoid [DATA EXPUNGED].


SCP-001 is a extra-dimensional gateway that lies on the fault line between the North-American/Eurasian tectonic plates, within the North Atlantic Ocean. The UIU diving team that first spotted it in 1920 reported that the 90x90 metre gateway lies flat along the ocean bed and is obscured by thick coral reefs, with the area's water coverage and difficulty of access shielding SCP-001 from casual detection. Additional study reveals an extraordinary length of unidentifiable tubing, approximately 5 centimetres in diameter, that leads to the location of SCP-001-B.

SCP-001-A is the designation for any member of the species that lives within the dimension that SCP-001 leads to. The species ranges between 50 and 90 metres in height, with body proportions similar to that of humans, and are covered to their necks in scales that range from lime green to indigo on the colour spectrum. Their heads are humanoid, with eye colours ranging from grey to burnt orange and sharpened teeth.

SCP-001-B is the designation for an area off the south eastern coast of North America colloquially referred to as the Bermuda Triangle.