Sticky notes
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Item#: 5444
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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Special Containment Procedures:


Five sets of instances of SCP-5444

Place SCP-5444 in a locked standard containment locker.
Personnel are not to be given access key privileges unless told otherwise by clearance 2 personnel and above. The locker must be equipped with a dual locking system with two keys that must be distributed to different individuals.

In the event of personnel being found attempting to use SCP-5444, they are to be reported and reprimanded immediately. In the event of any personnel or otherwise undergoing its effects they are to be quarantined and subjected to testing in a safe location.

In the event of instances of SCP-5444 being reported missing or otherwise not in the number expected, a possible theft report is to be filed and D-classes are to report any instances immediately or face possible termination.

SCP-5444 is a set of colored "Sticky notes" as can typically be found at a normal stationery store that produces a highly potent compulsion effect with several side-effects. When written on them a command or reminder activates the compulsion effect, resulting in the subject becoming entirely devoted to the accomplishment of the task written on the note.

Individuals under the compulsion are to be designated SCP-5444-1

Common symptoms of SCP-5444 infection:

  • Lack of sleep bordering outright insomnia(instances are known to be able to sleep depending on the cases)
  • Stumbling movement consistent with the effects of the above
  • Singleminded focus on a given task and heavy resistance if diverted or distracted from the same (not limited to violence)
  • Slurred speech (varies with individual cases)
  • Lack of concern for basic needs including but not limited to:
    • Food (unless necessary for the given task. see below)
    • Drink (under the same conditions as above)
    • Hygiene

All Amnestics are known to be ineffectual. The use of amnestics only purges memory of the infected. The memetic trigger and effects given by the SCP remain in effect despite partial or total memory loss Therefore, the subject will continue acting in accordance with the command written on the SCP-5444.

Effects are not known to wear off over time. The longest known affected subject remains under the compulsion up to the present. Effects are known to immediately dissipate after the given task is completed.

No solution is available in the event of memetic infection by any instance of SCP-5444 Affected subjects are to be assisted as much as possible (within reason) in their given tasks until completion. Research is ongoing with a particular interest in the use of [REDACTED] for treatment with clinical trials showing promise. Research has been halted until further notice.

recovery log:
Reports of people fainting from fatigue and acting without regard for safety or common sense were circulated on local news channels in the township of [REDACTED] in the state of Idaho. The foundation sent an MTF to investigate the area.

The group checked with each of the local broadcasters. It was surmised that the affected individuals all worked at a nearby office building. Several instances of SCP-5444 were found in the building, [REDACTED], attached to a wall in the main office room.

When the manager of the office was asked about the state of what were found to be his employees he stated,
"[…] started workin' much faster and for longer hours ever since mmm… 'bout a week ago I guess. Stuff was fine until the new work week started, then they were all like that. Not takin' breaks 'tween shifts. Tried telling them to take a break. Wouldn't listen. End of story."

Continuing to investigate, the field agents found an instance of SCP-5444 with handwritten text reading, "Finish paper ASAP, Gotta get it before 3:30 PM—[REDACTED]".

At exactly 15:29, an individual came in with a stack of papers, displaying the effects of SCP-5444. More instances of SCP-5444 were discovered soon afterward.

A correlation was found, connecting the cases in that the anomalous activity began and when the office had received the shipping of stationery supplies from a new supplier.

The manager stated, "New supplier in town. Much cheaper than the usual. Keep it on the down-low though. They're not the public type ya see."

When pressed for information, the manager could only provide the address of this supplier's office. The office itself was found mostly empty after seemingly being cleared in a hurry, aside from a few boxes of non-anomalous pieces of stationery. After a thorough investigation, the manager was cleared of any direct involvement with the supplier of SCP-5444 instances.

All instances of SCP-5444 were recovered afterward from the offices. The employees of the office were taken into Foundation custody and have in the majority of cases made full recoveries. The "supplier" had left town by the time the foundation investigated further.