Item #: Scp-6000

Object Class: Keter

Speical Containment Procedures: Currently no difference in public behavior has been found between Scp-6000-3 and normal humans. 3 instances of Scp-6000-3 are to be contained and studied for any difference from human appearance. People found to be instances of Scp-6000-3 are to be terminated immediately. A foundation outpost is to be set up in front of Scp-6000 to prevent access and to stop instances of Scp-6000-2 from escaping.

Description: Scp-6000 is a freshwater cave that is the main source of water for the (Redacted) River in Canada. The cave was first discovered by the foundation after some people who were reported to have gone in the cave went missing. Upon entry to Scp-6000 there are two ways to go, one way leads to the fresh water source, and another leading to a strange abandoned city. In this area instead of life forms like trees and animals, there is only mile after mile of an unrecognizable type of weed, Scp-6000-1. Anyone who makes contact with this weed will become an instance of Scp-6000-3. Scp-6000-3 are people who are under the control of Scp-6000-1, Scp-6000-3 when being watched has normal behavior. But when not being watched Scp-6000-3 will try to expose people to Scp-6000-1, always out of the view of others. Scp-6000-2 are hostile humaniod creatures that live within Scp-6000. There eye sockets are empty and they wander the buildings in Scp-6000 looking for any life forms to eat. They have an strong sence of hearing, smell, and sight. There skin has a subtance on it which sucks anyone who makes contact with it to be sucked into the instance of Scp-6000-2 and will be eaten with it's scarp teeth. Currently (Redacted) instances of Scp-6000-2 have escaped Scp-6000.

Addendum 1: This following text is a journal written by a native Canadian tribe member in 1432: We have been pushed back by serswas (A rivaling tribe) to the point of our territory being gone, we thought that going to the city in the cave would be good, oh God we were wrong. A couple of days after we got there everyone became obsessed with weeds like the weeds were controlling them. And the creatures, oh God the creatures. It's like they knew we were coming and abandoned the buildings, then when the space filled up they came. I saw hall's covered in nothing but blood. Me and a few people left who weren't crazy found the truth. The crazy people were controlled by the weeds and the weeds got you when you touched them. We saw all the crazy people at one time touch that weed. That also explained why everyone was trying to touch me with that darn weed when I wasn't looking. We hid, but they found us quick, got everyone but me but it won't be long till the find me to.

Incident 1: Two D-class and 4 MTF members were exposed to Scp-6000-1 and spread it to Site-(Redacted). The on site nuke was detonated and killed everybody expect 1 D-Class and 1 MTF member, who knows how far they have spread it now.