Lt. Delta Kingstone


Item #8077-J

Object Class: safe Stinky

containment procedure

To contain SCP-8077-J is absolute necessary a room 4x4x3m which chamber need a constant air flow and continues maintenance. In the middle of the room must be the pedestal with SCP-8077 on it. Is forbidden using any kind of gas or fire font due explosion fire ignition. Because this chance to ignite an explosion a fire, shall be present an extinguisher.


SCP-8077-J is a smooth [REDACTED] with a presence of a hole between the two damn soft [REDACTED] sides. It can be cuddled and weared, and when weared it will resize in a perfect shape of your booty. The only problem of this SCP’s that will regulatly fart a very stinky gas every 2 hours which… uhm… will make you stinky for up for 48 hours like [REDACTED]. To avoid this, personnel must Wear Hazard suit and gas mask.

Experimentation 27-B-09

During this day an experimentation was in action for SCP-8077-J. A personnel D was found on a status of sleeping near the chamber. Two scientists instead broke up and divorced with their wife ‘cause the heavy stink of [REDACTED]