scp idea (the guardian) stitchhead

scp-3495 the guardian

item #: scp-3495

object class: keter

special containment procedures: scp-3495 is contained in a standard containment chamber no further containment is needed due to the fact the scp-3495 is here of his own free will and it is currently impossible to contain him

description: scp-3495 appears to be 18 year old Caucasian male standing 1.8 meters tall it is unknow exactly how old scp-3495 is but it is theorized that he is the first reality bender born from the human race. scp-3495 dose not speak but instead transmitting information directly to the mind of facility staff. scp-3495 is a fully omnipotent and indestructible reality bender he continues to make changes to reality to make himself more powerful including the ability to travel through time, a mind advanced enough to proses the information he receives from his omnipotence and the protection from other reality benders, gods or beings powerful beyond imagination who would destroy him as well as the human race

scp-3495 has stopped multiple k-class scenarios however scp-3495 will only act under certain circumstances. scp-3495 will not act if a massive amount of life is lost. scp-495 will only act if all life on earth is being threatened but will not act if the human race dose not in his opinion require saving such as if the human such as a RK Sk CK (if human life is still sustanibal) IK XC-class scenarios

addendum 3495-1
scp-3495 was found by foundation staff after a report of a man levitating on a mountain was discovered once approached by foundation staff and told he was being taken into foundation custody he immediately vanished from the spot and appeared seconds later in an empty containment cell in site-87

addendum 3495-2
Interviewer: Dr. Robert Nox Site-87
Interviewee: SCP-3495

Dr. Robert: so from the report you have the ability to levitate and teleport as well as knowledge of the scp foundation is this correct?
(dr. Robert: is then given full knowledge of scp-3495 being a reality bender as well as his mission to protect the human race)
dr. Robert: i i see well i believe this will answer all of my questions for today thank you
(no response for scp-3495)

addendum 3495-3
scp-3495 spends most of his time meditating 3 ft off the ground motionless. this is the state he was found in when he was found by foundation personal

addendum 3495-4
as per regulation multiple attempts to persuade him to leave the planet have failed with him stating "i will protect my origin spices until they can protect themselves" scp-3495 has stated that it will leave this place once he thinks we can survive on our own.

addendum 3495-5
it was decided by the O5 council that attempts to persuade scp-3495 to leave or attempts to destroy him are to cease at once and he is to be monitored and left to continue his work

addendum 3495-6
cases of scp-3495 stopping k-class scenarios
there are likely many more cases of scp-3495 intervening to stop k-class scenarios that are undocumented

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