Stonecutters' Sandbox

Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-X are kept in a 9 meter by 9 meter concrete room. Each instance is fed 500 grams of bovine meat per week. This containment room must be inspected twice per year, if any damage is present, all instances must be transfered to a secondary containment room while the primary one is reapaired. There are 11 instances in containment.

Description: SCP-X is a predatory species bearing a strong resemblance to a human respiratory system, altough the trachea is longer (4 m on avarage). The biggest difference, however, is a calcification resembling a human canine tooth coming out of each instance's nasal septum. SCP-X secretes venom through its nostrils. This venom has anesthetic properties, and is usually secreted along with SCP-X's digestive acids.

SCP-X's fang has a sharpness similar to that of a knife, and a hardness of 7 on the Mohs Scale. It is used to make incisions on its prey, allowing SCP-X to inject its venom and digestive acids directly into the prey's bloodstream, one specimen being able to dissolve an 80 kg adult human into a "slurry" in arond 16 hours, the nutrients then being absorved by SCP-X's lungs.

SCP-X instances have no organs aside from a respiratory system. It is currently unknown how each SCP-X instances's blood is pumped through its veins, or how instances are able to survive outside of a human body, since SCP-X is mostly identical to a normal human respiratory system.

Addendum X-01: SCP-X was discovered in the ██████ ████████ University, in a laboratory belonging to Dr. █████, a biologist. University personnel, noting Dr. █████'s disappearance, entered his laboratory, discovering his partially eaten corpse and SCP-X. Agent ████, who was infiltrated in the University alerted the Foundation, which the contained the instances and gave all witnesses Class-B amnestics.

Analysis of Dr. █████'s personal history has revealed that his daughter, ██ █████, expired due to complications caused by cystic fibrosis, while waiting for a lung transplant.

Addendum X-02: Notes by Dr. █████, recovered along with SCP-X:

*22/3/20██: Got some unclaimed corpses today today. Gonna [DATA EXPUNGED] them tomorrow, if it works, I'll revolutionize medicine! Will start with the respiratory system, ██ needs it the most.

*6/5/20██: Had some progress today, but the [DATA EXPUNGED] made the trachea too long, it won't work like this. Had to incinerate them.

*9/12/20██: The organs seem to be slightly more resistant to damage, and they don't rot outside a body, but they are too long again, and there is a little calcified tumor in the nose. Incinerated them again.

*8/2/20██: (This note was damaged by a liquid identified as human tears; words in parenthesis are assumptions based on context) Why God? WHY? I have (failed)! I'm just a piece of shit! They are too fucking (long)! And now they have a (tooth)! Why? God why? God why? I (hate) my life! Why did this shit happen?

*25/4/20██: Fuck. Same shit. They're too long. They have a fucking tooth. They sneeze fucking venom and digestive acid along with it. And I forgot to say these pieces of shit are autonomous. Fuck. And now they are trying to eat me. I gave up on destroying them. I gave up on living. God, just take me already.

STATUS: Fail. Just a generic monster, not good enough. I'm too inexperienced to do this. Will read more Skips and then I'll write another idea.