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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in Storage Room 6-A on Site 34. Following the events of Incident-XXXX-02, access to SCP-XXXX for any reason requires written approval from Dr. Pink.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a large stone sword made of an indeterminate black stone. SCP-XXXX's blade is three (3) meters long, six (60) centimeters wide at it's base, and fifteen (15) centermeters thick. The object's handle is fifty (50) centimeters long with a ten by ten (10x10) square pommel made of the same black stone as the blade. It's handle is wrapped in ordinary leather which can be easily removed. Although many cracks are visible along the object's surface and it's edge appears heavily damaged, all attempts to damage SCP-XXXX have been unsuccessful. Tests of SCP-XXXX's durability include exposure to ten-thousand (10,000) PSI under a hydraulic press, three (3) hours submerged in carborane acid (Note: SCP-XXXX's handle wrapping was destroyed, however the rest of the object remained unaffected), ane three (3) hours in a furnace at two thousand (2000) °C.

SCP-XXXX weighs five hundred (500) lbs, although when picked up by any living organism feels entirely weightless. This is not to be mistaken with SCP-XXXX actually becoming weightless, as when weighed on a scale anyone wielding it will measure 500 lbs heavier. SCP-XXXX also appears to have a mental and physical effect on those who wield it. Subjects who wield SCP-XXXX for short periods of time show slightly increased fitness that persists even after they've stopped wielding SCP-XXXX, although they will usual request to wield it again. Subjects who wield SCP-XXXX for longer periods of time will begin to [DATA EXPUNGED]


Test 01 - 6/██

Subject: SCP-XXXX
Procedure: 1 D-Class Personell (D-343) is instructed to pick up SCP-XXXX
Results: D-343 expresses confusion on how he could pick up SCP-XXXX. After lifting SCP-XXXX, D-343 expresses his amazement with the object and asks to swing it. Once given permission, D-343 begins to swing SCP-XXXX in the air for roughly 5 minutes before the experiment is concluded.
Analysis: Despite it's size, SCP-XXXX appears to be completely weightless to the wielder.
Notes: D-343 requests to be considered for future testing of SCP-XXXX.

Test 02 - 6/██

Subject: SCP-XXXX
Procedure: 1 D-Class Personell (D-343) is insructed to use SCP-XXXX to strike a melon, a concrete brick, and a steel sword, each placed on a large iron pedestal.
Results: D-343 quickly picked up SCP-XXXX before running to the instructed object. The melon was more so smashed than sliced, and the impact resulted in a large slice in the center of it's pedestal. D-343 did the same to the brick, and quickly moved to the sword. After breaking it in half, D-343 began yelling in excitement and rapidly striking it's pedestal before Guards demanded him to calm down.
Analysis: SCP-XXXX seems to keep the full force of it's weight despite being weightless to the user and has an abnormal sharpness considered it's dull edge. It's also possible the object may be having mental effects on D-343
Notes: D-343 apologized for his behavior and begged to be included in the next experiment.

Test 03 - 6/██ | Incident-XXXX-01

Subject: SCP-XXXX
Procedure: 1 D-Class Personell (D-343) is instructed to pick up SCP-XXXX and not swing it.
Results: D-343 expresses disappointment and picks up SCP-XXXX. After 2 minutes, he asks to be allowed to swing SCP-XXXX, request is denied. After 5 minutes, D-343 begins to pace rapidly back and forth. After 6 minutes, he begins to "swing" SCP-XXXX by slowly waving it from one side of his body to the other, before being told by personnel to stop. After 10 minutes, D-343 becomes very irritable and continually asks to be allowed to "practice" with SCP-XXXX. Personnel notice a greying around his left arm. After a 2 minute argument with staff, D-343 slams SCP-XXXX into the floor, creating a large chip. He is ordered by guards to drop SCP-XXXX before he impales one of them with SCP-XXXX. He is quickly shot down in response.
Analysis: It appears to be confirmed that SCP-XXXX has a mental affect on those wielding it. D-343 did not have any indication of a violent history. Further testing should only be done with restrained subjects.
Notes: Send request to Dr. Pink for weak and friendly D-Class.

Test 04 - 6/██ | Incident-XXXX-02

Subject: SCP-XXXX
Procedure: 1 D-Class Personell (D-522) is heavily restrained in a chair and instructed to hold onto SCP-XXXX.
Results: D-522 grabs onto SCP-XXXX with his right hand, expressing surprise at how light it feels. After 10 minutes, he begins to wiggle his wrist in attempts to swing SCP-XXXX before being told by staff to stop. After 15 minutes, he begins to question the point of a test, requesting to "play" with SCP-XXXX. After 20 minutes, D-522 arm begins to turn grey and he becomes angry with staff, struggling against his restraints. After 30 minutes he finally seems to calm down, only murmuring swears and insults at staff as opposed to shouting at them. After 40 minutes D-522 becomes silent and stops twitching in the chair, the right half of his torso has become grey. D-522 remains silent for another hour and stops responding to staff, appearing to be asleep. After 2 hours, his skin becomes entirely grey, and he appears to have gained significant muscle tone and mass. After 2 and a half hours, researches notice that his hair is becoming black, along with his veins starting at his right hand. Throughout the next hour, D-522's hair grows significantly longer and the black substance spreads across all the veins in his body. After 4 hours, D-522 finally opens his eyes, no iris or pupil are visible. D-522 speaks to personell in a currently unknown language before struggling against his restraints, quickly freeing his right arms and cutting himself free. Nearby guards open fire before D-522 uses SCP-XXXX to kill them. D-522 then breaks out of the containment cell using SCP-XXXX and continues on a 10 minute rampage, killing 5 Personell before finally being terminated by guards.
Analysis: SCP-XXXX seems to have a mental and physical affect on the user which only gets word with time. Tests of D-522's corpse don't reveal any virus or diseases that would relate to the change in skin pigment or blood color. At the start of the experiment, D-522 was a balding 63 year old man just under 1.5 meters. The corpse recovered appears to be that of a 2 meter tall man in his thirties with long black hair. D-522 was also not know to speak any language other than English.
Notes: Further testing has been temporarily banned by Dr. Pink.