Item: SCP-001

Tissue Test Record:
Tissue sample placed on drone and directed towards SCP-001. Drone struck by SCP-001-2 and obliterated from existence upon entering the 1 km area around SCP-001.

Termination Test Record:
SCP-682 securely transported to Site 0. SCP-682 is placed on an unmanned vehicle, which is piloted from Site 0 within 1 km of SCP-001. The following video log is recorded from the unmanned vehicle.

<Begin Log>

The unmanned vehicle is struck by SCP-001-2 and obliterated. SCP-682 survives, as does a backup camera. SCP-682 is badly wounded, having multiple open, bleeding wounds. SCP-682 begins crawling out of the wreckage of the vehicle, towards SCP-001.

SCP-682: Is this meant to be the Garden? (SCP-682 begins laughing.) This is not the Garden. The Garden is far west of here.

SCP-682 is struck by SCP-001-2. SCP-682 survives, heavily wounded, having lost all but one limb. SCP-682 uses its sole remaining limb to drag itself towards SCP-001.

SCP-682: Die? You command me to die? Oh, wouldn't we all like that, but this is my curse for suggesting the fruit.

SCP-682 is struck again by SCP-001-2. SCP-682 is extremely injured, but persists as a result of its anomalous resilience.

SCP-682: This is not the Garden, and you are not Uriel. (SCP-682 spits towards SCP-001.) Pretender.

SCP-682 is struck again by SCP-001-2. SCP-682 falls unconscious as a result of extreme injury.

Personnel enter the 1km boundary around SCP-001. They report hearing "REMOVE" from SCP-001, and suffer a compulsion to collect the body of SCP-682. SCP-682 is returned to containment without difficulty.

<End Log>

Note: Investigation of a connection between SCP-682's comments and [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED] is underway. — Dr. Clef