Details: A resident of Callam Township with knowledge of SCP-4288 requested an interview with a Founadation investigator attempting to investigate SCP-4288.

Interviewer: Agent Costas

Interviewed: ████ ██████


Costas: How much do you think I know by now?

██████: Just a few things are left. We still can't talk about any of it, if that's what you were hoping.

Costas: Damn. But I've noticed that we can still talk about the gag?

██████: At this point, I bet you've figured out how people reacted to it all happening?

Costas: Not well, in my opinion. I don't exactly approve.

██████: That's where the gag comes from. And it's just too awful to speak about.

Costas: So you want to talk about it? To come forward?

██████: More than anything. But it's horrible — I just can't.

Costas: I've been aggravated by the effect myself. It's made figuring everything out rather hard to figure out.

██████: And what even if I was immune? Would it even matter? I would be the only one who could speak out. Who could I even talk about it to?

Costas: I suppose there wouldn't be anyone. Nobody else could talk about it again.

██████: This is a secret everyone wants to keep. Whether you actually want it or…

Costas: My employers want me to talk about what happened. I won't be able to, I take it?

██████: Ooh, unfortunate. Better figure something else out.

Costas: They might be satisfied with just the info on the gag. I'll figure it out.

██████: And I'll keep surviving.