Item: SCP-001

Tissue Test Record:
Tissue sample placed on drone and directed towards SCP-001. Drone struck by SCP-001-2 and obliterated from existence upon entering the 1 km area around SCP-001.

Termination Test Record:
SCP-682 securely transported to Site 0. SCP-682 is placed on an unmanned vehicle, which is piloted from Site 0 within 1 km of SCP-001. The following video log is recorded from the unmanned vehicle.

<Begin Log>

The unmanned vehicle is struck by SCP-001-2 and obliterated. SCP-682 survives, as does a backup camera. SCP-682 is badly wounded, having multiple open, bleeding wounds. SCP-682 begins crawling out of the wreckage of the vehicle, towards SCP-001.

SCP-682: Is this meant to be the Garden? (SCP-682 begins laughing.) This is not the Garden. The Garden is far west of here.

SCP-682 is struck by SCP-001-2. SCP-682 survives, heavily wounded, having lost all but one limb. SCP-682 uses its sole remaining limb to drag itself towards SCP-001.

SCP-682: Die? You command me to die? Oh, wouldn't we all like that, but this is my curse for suggesting the fruit.

SCP-682 is struck again by SCP-001-2. SCP-682 is extremely injured, but persists as a result of its anomalous resilience.

SCP-682: This is not the Garden, and you are not Uriel. (SCP-682 spits towards SCP-001.) Pretender.

SCP-682 is struck again by SCP-001-2. SCP-682 falls unconscious as a result of extreme injury.

Personnel enter the 1km boundary around SCP-001. They report hearing "REMOVE" from SCP-001, and suffer a compulsion to collect the body of SCP-682. SCP-682 is returned to containment without difficulty.

<End Log>

Note: Investigation of a connection between SCP-682's comments and [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED] is underway. — Dr. Clef

Event Description: A collection of twenty billboards located in the southern region of Florida were anomalously painted over to display an advertisement for "laundry and tan by dado", an establishment located in █████████, FL. The paint of "laundry and tan by dado" anomalously changes color.
Date of Occurance: ██/██/2018
Location: Florida, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: Billboards were replaced with unaltered variations. Preliminary investigation of laundry and tan by dado initiated under SCP-888-EX designation.

Quartermasters Division-AOD-0691
Item Designation Title Qty
1 +1Gen-NBS GOC Nuclear Battleships Ulysses and Aeneas 2
Notes: The Ulysses and the Aeneas contained the appropriate thaumatological instruments for reaching Hy-Brasil, and allowed Coalition agents to deploy there.
2 +2Gen-PCT Concentrated Plasma Cannon Tank 6
Notes: The plasma streams fired were able to severely damage the scales of LTE-851-Cetus. The scale damage dealt to LTE-0851-Cetus did not regenerate as quickly as other armaments.
3 +1Gen-5GJ Fifth Generation Jet Fighter 8
Notes: The fighter jets were able to redirect the movements of LTE-0851-Cetus, keeping it from areas designated as major civilian safezones.
4 AltGen-TKB Thaumatologically Keyed Bombs 12
Notes: Bombs keyed using thaumatological ritual to only harm the parathreat, and cause no destruction to the surrounding area. These were effective, but due to the sudden nature of the attack, only a limited number were ready for deployment and were not enough to kill it.
5 AltGen-ATC Anti-Thaumatologic Cannons 4
Notes: Having noted the high levels of EVE and Akiva radiation emitted by LTE-0851-Cetus, anti-thaumatological weapons were deployed in the hopes of nullifying the anomalous properties of the parathreat. These weapons were only partially successful, but managed to slow some of the entity's regenerative properties.
6 +2Gen-MHM Magneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munitions 10
Notes: Ten MAHEM warheads were deployed with the goal of penetrating the scales of the parathreat, which had been resistant to prior forms of attack. These weapons were successful at damaging the scales of the entity.
7 AltGen-GER Gravity Enhanced Railgun 3
Notes: Three Gravity-Enhanced Railgun units were deployed to fire several payloads of conventional weaponry at LTE-0851-Cetus. The payload of the GER units deployed did not significantly harm the parathreat.
8 +2Gen-CHN Casaba-Howitzer Nuclear Directed Energy Weapon 1
Notes: The +2Gen-CHN was deployed to Hy-Brasil only for usage as a last resort weapon, upon the failure of all other weapons to liquidate LTE-0851-Cetus. This armament was able to successfully liquidate the parathreat.