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Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:

LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie "Crocodilian Kraken"

Authorized Response Level:

5 (Immediate Response) N/A (Confirmed Destroyed, File Archived)

A gigafauna (measuring approximately 100 meters long) displaying a mixture of crocodilian and cephalopodic traits. The body plan of the parathreat - with the exception of the head - was pentaradially symmetric. The lower body of LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie terminated in five tentacles, radially arranged. The entity possessed five arms, each arranged along the same axis as the tentacles.

While the head of the entity was outwardly similar to that of a baseline crocodile, the entity possessed five eyes, arranged in an arc along the head. LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie had significant anomalous regenerative capabilities, allowing it to survive most conventional weaponry.

LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie possessed numerous unique thaumaturgic capabilities, including the emission of large amounts of Elan Vital Energy, the ability to detect EVE patterns, the ability to cross certain thaumaturgic boundaries, and Red-IV Regenerative properties.

Shortly before its liquidation, LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie displayed the ability to release large quanities of thaumaturgic fire from its mouth. This characteristic was not previously observed, but has been conjectured to have been an ability LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie previously did not possess the required EVE to use, until the events surrounding its liquidation made this possible.

History and Liquidation:
LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie was discovered in the North Atlantic Ocean, following an attack on three commercial civilian vessels. An assessment team was deployed to investigate the matter and discovered the entity, as well as determing that the parathreat had previously been held by the Foundation.

Initial liquidation efforts were unsuccessful, due to several factors. Following these, the decision was made to make an attempt in Greenland. However, the parathreat began to travel towards Hy-Brasil,1 due to outside thaumatological interferance.

LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie was successfully terminated on June 13, 1988 during the attack upon Hy-Brasil, at the cost of significant damage to the island. As a result of the arrangement made with the monarchy of Hy-Brasil, the Coalition was forced to immediately retreat, and was not allowed to interact with the corpse of the entity.

The current location of the corpse of LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie is unknown.

PYSCHE Records

Parathreat Investigation

Special Observer:
"Mangrove" (73699274/6H3)

A gigafauna of unknown origin has been spotted in the Northern Atlantic Ocean.

Parathreat Evidence:
Following the unexplained disappearance of three civilian commercial vessels, Parathreat Investigators were deployed to examine the planned routes of the vessels for any anomalous interferance.

Upon patrolling the route, a large entity came up on our sonar. It was much bigger than anything normal could be, so we took that as indication of a parathreat. We deployed a +1Gen submersible drone down to investigate.

The drone was able to easily find the entity, which was swimming and had not appeared to notice us. It's approximately 90 meters long at the moment, and appears to be somewhat squidlike, with elements of what appears to be a crocodile. We got a couple photos, which I've attached.

Of note is that the entity seemed to have large scarring from what appeared to be military weapons. To me, this implies involvement from one of the major paranormal organizations, as nobody else would fight this and keep it secret.

Suggested Response/Requests:
Perform basic cover up operations for the three civilian vessels that went missing - they were undoubtly destroyed by this thing, and have been lost.

Establish a no-go-zone for the general area surrounding the where the entity was spotted, so no more civilian vessels will be targeted by the entity.

Prepare a Rules of Engagement for the entity. Recommending a high Response Level, most likely 4 or 5. Immediate Liquidation should be preferred, as this is one of the larger Cetus-entities we've dealt with in a while.

Round up the usual suspects to try and determine where this thing came from and what it can do - the Foundation, Marshall, Carter & Dark and the Insurgency are likely candidates, in that order.

PSYCHE Records

Department of Diplomatic Outreach
Sender Jennifer Carlson (Foundation Diplomatic Contact) Recipient Nathan Roberts
Subject KTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie
I was recently sent to meet with the Foundation concerning a potential parathreat observed in the Atlantic. One of the photographs of the parathreat showed bullet scars, indicating that another organization had engaged it. I was called upon to confront them about this.

I met with my normal contact with the Foundation, at our usual location. At first, he tried to negotiate the terms (he wanted the release of a couple captured agents), but but I bluffed that we had already confirmed the parathreat as formerly being contained by the Foundation, and showed him the photos.

The bluff worked, and he quickly changed his tune from trying to negotiate. He easily identified it as "SCP-3388-A3", and claimed that the Foundation had thought it had been Neutralized.

I told him that this was not a negotiation, but an offer for mediation, a chance for the Foundation to help the Coalition clean up their mess and tell is what they knew. He took a brief pause (lasting about twenty minutes) to contact his superiors about how to approach. When he came back, he said they have given an approval.

Several documents concerning the parathreat were released to me. I have attached these documents to this memo, and have summarized the most pertinent information below.

Biologically female, with several million eggs
Displayed nesting behavior
Able to rapidly regenerate wounds
Emits slightly higher levels of EVE than normal/expected
Also emitted higher than normal Akiva radiation patterns
Seemed to hunt using EVE patterns
Formerly of extradimensional origin _


AT/ST Patrol Report (Debrief)

Involved Assessment/Strike Team:


Filing Operative:

"Stormbreath" 96231847/0638

Mission (Location/Objective):

Locate KTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie in the Atlantic Ocean and liquidate it.

Encounter Report/Enemy Description:

GOCS Viking and Ulysses sailed to the last known location of KTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie, and easily found the parathreat. Once there, we fired multiple torpedos at the parathreat. A majority of these torpedoes struck, to no effect.

The parathreat then dived down deep, out of the range of our radar. Approximately 20 minutes later, we saw it coming up, right underneath the Viking. It grabbed onto the ship, and ripped it apart. It then went beneath the waves again.


From that point, our mission turned into a rescue operation for the remaining crew. We quickly evaced any survivors, and booked it before it came back for the Ulysses.

Personnel Condition:

487 casualities (487 fatalities, 0 injuries)


If you're going to try to fight this thing again, it cannot happen on water. This is its home turf, and it will destroy anything you throw at it there. Lure it onto land and kill it there.

PSYCHE Records

Following the failure to properly liquidate LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie in a naval setting, the decision was made to lure the entity to an appropriate terrestial setting, in which PHYSICS Division operatives could properly prepare for an encounter.

Due to the position of LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie in the Northern Atlantic, it was concluded that the best location in which to liquidate it was a secluded beach on the western shore of Greenland. The government of Denmark was contacted, and aggreement was reached to liquidate the entity in the previously determined area.

Operatives began to lure LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie north using EVE patterns, which LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie appeared to hunt using. This strategy was successful, and the parathreat began to travel towards the planned liquidation location.

However, other factors complicated this.

Analysis of Wards Surrounding Hy-Brasil

International Center for the Study of Unified Thaumatalogy
Hy-Brasil Campus

By A. Ketterley, L. Belacqua

The thaumaturgic wards surrounding Hy-Brasil appear to be failing, and are no longer properly protecting the city. These wards were established to prevent misfortune from occuring upon the island, which has resulted in a minor aura of anomalous good luck within the boundaries of the island.[1] Based upon prior indications of anomalous fortune auras, should the wards completely fail, the accumulated misfortune will collapse onto the island. [2]

The sudden reversal of anomalous probability within Hy-Brasil within a short time frame will likely have drastic repercussions upon the island and the city located within. The exact nature of these repercussions is unknown, but could be drastic.

Based upon past results, it is expected that the failure of these thaumaturgic wards will be accompanied by sudden, anomalous meteorological patterns [3] as well as extremelly high EVE patterns.

1. "Anomalous Laws of Probability Upon the Island of Hy-Brasil"; L. Caldwell et. al.; Unified Thaumatology Quarterly; vol. 43, no. 2, April 1956, pp. 78-92.
2. "Negative Side-Effects of Prolonged Usage of Fortune Wards"; E. Murphy et. al.; Unified Thaumatology Quarterly; vol. 59, no. 4, October 1972, pp. 10-32.
3. "Magic Storms and Failing Wards"; S. Fujiwhara et. al.; Unified Thaumatology; vol. 06, no. 1, January 1919, pp. 37-45.

On June 13th, 1988, the wards surrounding Hy-Brasil suddenly and unexpectedly failed, resulting in an immediate anomalous weather patterns, and the sudden EVE spike. LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie was close to Hy-Brasil as a result of the GOC's intentions to terminate it in Greenland, and immediately traveled towards Hy-Brasil instead.

LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie was one of the few anomalous organisms capable of reaching Hy-Brasil under its own ability, and it swam towards the island. The Coalition was unable to immediately prepare a method of reaching Hy-Brasil, and was unable to reach the island immediately.

By the time the Global Occult Coalition was able to reach Hy-Brasil, LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie had already caused substantial damage to the infastructure of the island, including the destruction of the palace. General Rockefeller immediately ordered heavy bombardment of the parathreat without regard for the exisiting infastructure, the majority of which had already been destroyed.

During the attack, LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie displayed the ability to breath large amounts of thaumaturgic fire, which had not been previously observed. It has been theorized that LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie needed a requisite amount of EVE in order to release such an attack, which it did not have access to until it absorbed the large amount of EVE released during the fall of Hy-Brasil's wards.

The initial assault upon LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie was unsuccessful, as a result of the entity's regenerative properties. Continued bombardment of the parathreat continued for approximately five hours, until General Rockefeller gave the order to deploy a Casaba-Howitzer Nuclear Directed Energy Weapon, which had been intended for usage as a last resort.

The CHNDEW was successful at liquidating the parathreat, but resulted in a significant amount of damage to the surrounding area of Hy-Brasil. During the resultant cleanup and aftermath of the event, the heir apparent to the throne of Hy-Brasil commanded the Coalition to immediately withdraw. As a result, the GOC was not able to conduct proper cleanup measures of LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie's remains.


AOD (Armaments Used in Destruction) report from the files of Marshall Prescott, Quartermaster Seargent-Sector 06. For the purposes of brevity, only +1/2Gen and AltGen Equipment have been listed.

Quartermasters Division-AOD-0691
Item Designation Title Qty
1 +1Gen-NBS GOC Nuclear Battleships Ulysses and Aeneas 2
Notes: The Ulysses and the Aeneas contained the appropriate thaumaturgic instruments for reaching Hy-Brasil, and allowed Coalition agents to deploy there.
2 +2Gen-PCT Concentrated Plasma Cannon Tank 6
Notes: The plasma streams fired were able to severely damage the scales of LTE-851-Kewpie. The scale damage dealt to LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie did not regenerate as quickly as other armaments.
3 +1Gen-5GJ Fifth Generation Jet Fighter 8
Notes: The fighter jets were able to redirect the movements of LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie, keeping it from areas designated as major civilian safezones.
4 AltGen-TKB Thaumaturgically Keyed Bombs 12
Notes: Bombs keyed using thaumaturgical ritual to only harm the parathreat, and cause no destruction to the surrounding area. These were effective, but due to the sudden nature of the attack, only a limited number were ready for deployment and were not enough to kill it.
5 AltGen-ATC Anti-Thaumaturgic Cannons 4
Notes: Having noted the high levels of EVE and Akiva radiation emitted by LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie, Anti-Thaumaturgic weapons were deployed in the hopes of nullifying the anomalous properties of the parathreat. These weapons were only partially successful, but managed to slow some of the entity's regenerative properties.
6 +2Gen-MHM Magneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munitions 10
Notes: Ten MAHEM warheads were deployed with the goal of penetrating the scales of the parathreat, which had been resistant to prior forms of attack. These weapons were successful at damaging the scales of the entity.
7 AltGen-GER Gravity Enhanced Railgun 3
Notes: Three Gravity-Enhanced Railgun units were deployed to fire several payloads of conventional weaponry at LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie. The payload of the GER units deployed did not significantly harm the parathreat.
8 +2Gen-CHN Casaba-Howitzer Nuclear Directed Energy Weapon 1
Notes: The +2Gen-CHN was deployed to Hy-Brasil only for usage as a last resort weapon, upon the failure of all other weapons to liquidate LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie. This armament was able to successfully liquidate the parathreat.


Office of the Undersecretary General
Sender General Rockefeller Recipient Madam Al Fine
Subject Liquidation of LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie and Resultant Damage to Hy-Brasil
I am pleased to report that our operatives were able to kill LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie (the Crocodilian Kraken) on June 13th, 1988, in Hy-Brasil.

We didn't make it to Hy-Brasil until hours into the attack, by which point the city had descended into chaos. The storm was bad enough to cause panic, and then a fire-breathing squid monster crawled out of the ocean. It was a recipe for disaster, and that is what happened.

We bombarded that beast with everything we had, but it regenerated from just about everything we threw at it. It healed even faster than what the Foundation had described in their files, and they had thought the regeneration made it the most dangerous on the island.

It took three hours of blasting it with our most advanced weaponry for it to begin to falter. We shot it with magic, with bullets, with fire, with plasma and they only slowed it down a little.

After five hours of that hell, I decided I had enough. The only weapon that had done much of anything were the Plasma Tanks, and I came to the conclusion that an energy weapon was our best option. Given that, the usage of the Casaba-Howitzer became justified.

Since that was the first field usage of the Casaba-Howitzer, I am expected to briefly address how it functioned: extremelly well. It annihilated the parathreat. Left a hole right in its head that didn't grow back.

But that's my problem - the parathreat was not the only victim of the device. It destroyed far too much of the surrounding area of Hy-Brasil for my standards. Initial reports of the incident have indicated that there were several hundred civilian casualties of a result of the deployment of the device. The usage of the Casaba-Howitzer was not justified.

The decision to use the Casaba-Howitzer was entirely my own. None of my men were responsible, and those that activated it were only following orders. The deaths of those caused as a result of the weapon's deployment are my responsibility

Madam Al Fine, I am filing a court martial against myself for violations of Third Mission Concerns. Regardless of their findings, I will be retiring from service, as I can no longer view myself as equitably acting out the good of the world.

I have failed the Coalition and, more importantly, humanity.

General Rockefeller was tried by the Council of 108 for violations of Third Mission (Protection) Concerns, and was found Not Guilty, by reason of the primacy of the First Mission (Survival) over the Third Mission. The liquidation of LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie was deemed to be a significant enough threat to First Mission concerns as to necessitate the complete abandoning of all other Missions. Thusly, the deployment of the Casaba-Howitzer Nuclear Directed Energy Weapon was excusable.

Based upon the testimony and insistence of General Rockefeller, further usage of the CHNDEW has been permanently suspended by the Global Occult Coalition for general usage. However, the Council of 108 has retained the right to deploy the CHNDEW in high priority decisions, as decided by the Council of 108.

Following his acquittal, General Rockefeller voluntarily retired from Global Occult Coalition service.

War On All Fronts


I don't think I'll ever forget that day when the apocalypse crawled out of the sea.

At least, that's how it felt back then at the moment. I was on the beachfront, and crocosquid surged out of the water, crashing into the city itself. From where I was standing at the time it felt like the whole world was about to end.

I'd never seen anything like, and I still haven't to this day. That thing was practically ripped from a kaiju movie, hundreds of feet tall and absolutely monstrous. You ever seen anything else with both arms and tentacles, not to mention five of each? I didn't think so.

That thing destroyed Hy-Brasil. Yeah, I know that it didn't actually do too much to the city, but it crippled the city to the point where it'd never get better. I've stayed behind because I can't imagine leaving, but this city hasn't been the same since the attack.

Hell, that's not even counting all of the fallout and complications resulting from the event. I still see MC&D churning out ads to sell the caviar they ripped from the squid twenty years later. Twenty years! And from what I hear, they've got enough stock left over to last them another twenty.

It makes sense, I suppose. Hy-Brasil practically /was/ the anomalous community at the time, and everybody who was living here at the time felt it's impact. It's not really odd that everybody who lived here would try to make something out of it, and get the most out of an awful situation like that.

I'm not sure if we'll ever stop talking about it.

-Testimony from Fodla Ernmasson, lifelong Three Portlands resident, 2008

SCP-3388-A3, LTE-0851-Cetus-Kewpie, the Crocodilian Kraken, the fivesquid, the crocosquid, the Collosal Aquamorph Entity, the Dread Behemoth, the Escapee

There are some events that change the world, events of such great magnitude that everyone alive feels their impact.

Not all of these events occur in the mundane world.

On June 13th, 1988, a three hundred foot tall monster crawled out of the waters surrounding a mystical island out of Irish myth and besieged the land before it was killed. In the aftermath, the island was left ruined and desolate.

But the story doesn't end there. The fallout and the aftermath of this event still continues to this day. Powerful groups attempted to exploit the events of that day, bending what happened to their own myth. There are not many commonalities within the anomalous community, but one was forged upon that day.


The Attack

Some Foundation canons focus on different worlds, with great differences from the "core canon" of the SCP-verse. Others focus on different groups of interest, or branches of the Foundation. This one is a bit different - it focuses on a singular event and the aftermath of it.

War on All Fronts is a canon that exists in a mostly traditional view of the SCP-universe. It's less of a "different world" but an overaching plotline that exists in a standard interpretation of the SCP-verse. All of the major GoIs are in play, they all act according to their normal plan. The Masquerade exists, and everything is, (for the most part) normal.

War on All Fronts deals with a kaiju attack, occuring in 1988. This attack was devastating, and destroyed one of the largest anomalous freeport cities in the world. Almost every major Group of Interest got involved, and everyone wants a slice of the action.

This was originally concieved as a project to incorporate one document of every GoI into a single, cohesive narrative, and evolved from that. While the eventual and ideal goal would be to have every single GoI format as a part of the canon, that's not the current plan.

Right now, this is an attempt to create a living, breathing world. The world of War on All Fronts is highly interconnected, and intertwined. Events that happen are refrequently cross-referenced, and everything blends together into a fluid world. This is an exercisve in cohesive worldbuilding.