Subtletea's Christmas Gift

Okay, so, I've had this idea for a follow-up tale for about half a year now, and I've tried to get it started several times, and to be honest, I haven't really found a workable angle. You did say 'anything' about my favorite SCP, so I supposed I'd just - tell you about it, for all that's worth.

My favorite 'skip,' if it qualifies, was Daybreak - Shaggy's 3000 and then 001 proposal. It holds the title purely because it can consistently scare me, which only a couple other articles on the site are capable of doing. It latches on to an old childhood fear of mine of zombies - coming back as something you don't understand. This ups the ante to 11 with indestructible, quite possibly immortal goo-monsters that are as pervasive as god-given light, with the added, latter, equally obvious effect of flipping the traditional light/dark paradigm on its head.

I had a habit, back when I was a kid, to add alternate 'happy' endings to Twilight zone episodes which crushed me to the point where I felt the need to restructure the conclusion in order to live with myself. The most famous iteration of these was the one with the old banker who holes up in a vault and survives the nuclear apocalypse, killing everyone he hates and creating a virtual paradise. That is, until his glasses break and he can't read. Basically I just said he found another pair on some irradiated corpse, because otherwise I might've had a nervous breakdown.

But how does this tie into Daybreak? Well, the answer is obvious, because I'm a hack and this is what I do for a hobby. Essentially, my subconscious mind decided that the ending was far too depressing and that the sun needed to die - somehow. So I invented a conceptual nemesis in the form of the Scarlet King, who is the polar opposite to the solar goddess in that the latter wants to protect life and happiness at any cost, even ones horrific and inhumane, and the former wants to rid the universe of all existence because of the pain that comes with that. Now, in this scenario, the Scarlet King is actually weaker than the sun; he's lost the war and is brooding quietly in dark space, licking his wounds. His eyes wander upon a couple of goons somewhere on the moon, and he watches as they attempt to escape the onslaught of an invincible, unknowable enemy.

As they move along a tram system and other parts of the facility attempting to skirt rogue goos, they eventually reach their destination a couple number short. It's an emergency cryo-sleep thing meant to help them wait out whatever catastrophic event the Foundation needs waited out, which in this case is of course Sunapocalypse, and they all go to sleep in a form of immortalized-suicide at the moon's centre. This is what kills the sun, in a way.

See, here's the thing about Unnamed Cosmic Deity Masquerading as Life-giving Heat Sphere - it's very anal. Across several universes it has everything it wants to exist existing perfectly; the goo is, after all, a perfect life form, in the purest sense. So when something gets out of her reach, forever, it drives her nuts. She goes crazy and after a big explosion (because of course the story ends with the sun exploding) she kind of regresses back to an earlier, younger version of herself. One that hasn't grown obsessed with perfecting life to a point where free will and agency are corrupted. Either this purified entity frees the human race from her will, or in her death and resurrection it's freed by default. Of course the team of survivors never gets rescued, because that was the whole point of going down in the first place, so it's a bittersweet ending, paired alongside a resurgent death-cult god without any murderous sun alien to keep him in check. It'll be an uphill battle for the Foundation but one they can win, without getting turned into goo.

Because fuck goo.

Please, take this as a blank cheque for me to critique or write anything you want in the future. I know the value of that cheque will depend on the author - of course this one being on the bottom of the spectrum - but I'll make sure to do my very best. Merry Christmas!