Sukuri Leonhardt
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX should be contained in a 25 x 25 x 25 meter chamber. A minimal of two guards should be posted outside of SCP-XXXX's chamber at all times along with a minimum of two in the observation room. Under no circumstances should personnel hold near or draw weapons upon SCP-XXXX due to the risk of provoking him. Researchers are allowed to enter SCP-XXXX's containment provided they are equipped with a radio and a item to indicate that they aren't a threat. SCP-XXXX is to be fed in three hour intervals with a mix of healthy foods for a normal undomesticated canine. SCP-XXXX prefers milk over water but giving one over another does not insight anything other than a sense of disappointment. SCP-XXXX's containment should be cleaned weekly. SCP-XXXX is to be groomed everyday and bathed on a weekly basis, using conditioner on its fur is suggested but not required. Refraining from using condition only insights disappointment from SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX is to be entertained when bored and spoken to with a calm, non-aggressive tone.

Entertainment procedures include:

  • Fetch
  • Praising
  • Cuddling
  • Tickling
  • Tag

SCP-XXXX is known to press its nose against the observation glass when it wants to play, respond to accordingly.

Description: SCP-XXXX in it's unprovoked state takes the form of a large canine measuring about 6 meters in height (from bottom of paws to tip of its ears) and about 15 meters in length (from tip of its nose to the tip of it's tail). In this state SCP-XXXX is currently known to be capable of moving through any material (regardless of said material's properties) whilst maintaining its physical form at will. SCP-XXXX seems unfazed by passing through any current known substance. SCP-XXXX in its unprovoked state appears to have a rapid regeneration or healing process. SCP-XXXX is known to leave its containment to retrieve an object of its liking around the facility or within an 15 km vicinity of the of the facility if object is not found within. Always returning to its containment within a half hour, unless it had discovered its desired object. If the object it wanted is found by SCP-XXXX, it will retrieve the object and take it back into its containment. If personnel do not open the door to its containment, SCP-XXXX will walk past the personnel and faze through the wall, taking the object with it. SCP-XXXX in it's unprovoked state is known to be capable of reaching speeds around 10 to 15 mph, and shows average amount of strength for something of it's size; known to be capable of uprooting trees and stacking them. The color of SCP-XXXX's fur in its unprovoked state consists of different tones of white. Both the pads of SCP-XXXX's paws and it's nose are different tones of black. SCP-XXXX's eyes are light almost sky blue with black pupils. SCP-XXXX's inner ears are grey.

SCP-XXXX is known to be provoked if an individual enters its containment with a weapon or the intent to harm SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX appears to show an exception to personnel armed with weapons who are outside of its containment, provided they do not raise their weapon or aim at SCP-XXXX. Researchers are investigating as to how SCP-XXXX is able to sense one's intent to harm it.

In its provoked state SCP-XXXX noticeably grows in height and length by an estimated 5 meters. In it's provoked state its fur begins to fall off revealing its hardened skin. In this state SCP-XXXX's eyes are a solid black and emit streams of an unknown gas that maintains a constant black hue, this gas is known as SCP-XXXX-1. In it's provoked state SCP-XXXX's mouth drips with a unknown liquid substance that resembles blood. This liquid is to be labelled as SCP-XXXX-2. Neither substance have any use and appear to be natural visual effects. In its provoked state SCP-XXXX is capable of reaching speeds around 20 to 25 miles per hour and shows an extreme increase in strength agility. SCP-XXXX in its provoked state is incapable of passing through substances unlike its unprovoked state. Instead it takes on a more defensive ability: absorbing any projectile launched at it.

If an object is absorbed, an example being a bullet, the would be held in the cavity it created, so to say the bullet hole. Once SCP-XXXX deems it the right time to counter-attack it will eject the objects from their resting places, attempting to return them to the sender. SCP-XXXX shows no control over where the objects go once ejected, only capable of aiming where the projectiles are launched by pivoting and rotating in the direction. SCP-XXXX is however capable of choosing which projectile to launch and at which time it will be launched.

In its provoked state SCP-XXXX shows a decrease in stamina, only attacking in short bursts of energy. SCP-XXXX will not pursue an attacker if said attacker exits sight, provided the attacker does not continue to instigate after their retreat. Once SCP-XXXX has eliminated the threat(s) that had provoked it or said threat(s) yield and no longer hold a weapon or intention to harm SCP-XXXX, it will return it its unprovoked state and return to its containment if it was attacked while outside of its containment. SCP-XXXX if provoked in its containment will not pursue any attackers if they were to exit its containment, instead it will take a defensive position and try to return any projectiles that were fired upon it, back to their sender with lethal intent.

SCP-XXXX in both its provoked and unprovoked state appears have parental emotions and thoughts as it won't attack a human under the age of 18; in fact it will due its best to protect said human until it runs out of energy or the human is removed from its view. SCP-XXXX also shows no aggression to other animals even if said animal tries to attack it, instead SCP-XXXX seems to just lay on the creature until it gives up or calms down. SCP-XXXX has yet to injure any underage child or creature. SCP-XXXX in its provoked state is capable of speech, and is otherwise extremely intelligent and shows knowledge of advanced military tactics to both defend and counter against threats. SCP-XXXX's voice can be described as demonic and dark, although it is fully understandable. SCP-XXXX's mouth does not move when talking, however the sound does come from its throat; evidently it has vocal cords.

In the event that SCP-XXXX breaches containment personnel are to monitor where SCP-XXXX goes and notify other personnel and employees not to pose a threat to SCP-XXXX. In the event that SCP-XXXX were to be provoked by any means, in order to avoid casualties retreating is one's top priority. If one is to indicate to SCP-XXXX that provoking it was accidental and personnel proceed to stand down, then personnel are to proceed with escorting SCP-XXXX back to containment.

Addendum XXXX-A: Initial Capture Transcript - ██/██/████