SCP-3837: The Novelty Teeth of Absorbing

Item #: SCP-3837

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3837 is to be locked in a steel container measuring 7x7x7 meters without natural matter, The steel for the container must be put in SCP-914 on "Very Fine" so SCP-3837 can't possibly absorb it, the steel chamber is to be equipped with a direct flow of sand through a large black pipe measuring 3 and a half centimeters wide. In case of a containment breach, 10 lbs of dirt NOT acquired from SCP-124 shall be put into the container. 2 Class D are to be inside when testing when SCP-3837 in its non-active state. In its active state, all personnel within 20 meters of SCP-3837 are to evacuate the area to a NTF, MTF, or a doctor except Bright. (Please add "Dr. Bright may not take any foundation personnel or D-Class personnel when there's a containment breach. to everything Bright isn't allowed to do in the foundation.)

Description: SCP-3837 was discovered in 1987. SCP-3837 is a wind up chattering teeth toy found in a toy shop located in ██████████ ,Ohio, Stored in Site ██. These teeth can absorb anything natural, if it doesn't absorb anything then it will start to slowly absorb almost anything and everything, including humans. If a human is within 15 meters of SCP-3837, It will go out of its way to get to the human. SCP-3837 can approach the human from speeds of 2 MPH to 6 MPH. Like SCP-096, Nothing can stop SCP-3837 from reaching its target, killing and absorbing it.

SCP-3837 weighs 3.7lbs but it is constructed of plastic and takes AA batteries. The AA batteries found in SCP-3837 are not like normal AA batteries and are now SCP-3837-2 and SCP-3837-3.
Normal wind up chattering teeth would not fit 2 AA batteries, it is known that there is infinite space inside SCP-3837. The only thing that SCP-3837-1 can't absorb is object from anomalous objects or anomalous objects themselves. SCP-3837-1 can only be powered by SCP-3837-2 & SCP-3837-3. SCP-3837-2 and SCP-3837-3 are to be contained in 2 small Tupperware containers spray-painted Matte Black or covered with chalkboard paint (Paint that can be a chalkboard), If its painted with the chalkboard paint then white school chalk is to be used to label the two containers, if Matte Black, Labels are to be printed using Dr. Datsoon's label-maker. SCP-3837-2 must be put in SCP-3837-1 first before SCP-3837-3 or SCP-3837-1 will start to absorb everything

SCP-3837 attacks by biting all over the body until the victim dies. 2 Level 3 Guards must guard the entrance at all times. The only living and animate thing that SCP-3837-1 will not go to is SCP-4206 , No foundation personnel know why (Okay maybe Bright makes this happen but maybe not.). When personnel hear a clang against the floor of the chamber 3 D-Class personnel wearing 2 pairs of rubber gloves are to be escorted to SCP-3837's chamber to pick up SCP-3837 with caution after Addendum 4/09 with extreme caution. When SCP-3837 was being picked up from ██████████, The town was evacuated so no residents would be harmed

Addendum: 4/3/2009: Dr. Datsoon (New Personnel) Test Log

Start Log D-9347, D-9348, & D-9349 were told to enter the chamber, D-9348 refused, D-9348 was terminated. 2 MTF Guards went and got D-9350. D-9347 was to hold a plastic model of a human index finger in between the 2 molars of SCP-3837-1. D-9349 and D-9350 were to put SCP-3837-2 and SCP-3837-3 into the space behind SCP-3837-1 to power SCP-3837-1, D-9350 asked Dr. Datsoon and 05-4 to turn on the sand flow, Dr. Datsoon complied. Dr. Datsoon went back to writing down what was happening. 45 seconds later SCP-3837-1 started up and bit down on the plastic. SCP-3837-1 couldn't break the plastic, 05-4 told D-9349 to put his index finger into the same space, He complied. 32 seconds later D-9349 had no left index finger due to SCP-3837-1 biting it off, SCP-3837-1 absorbed the finger immediately. Note: The fate of the Class D personnel won't be chosen here, or by Dr. Bright. D-9350, D-9349, & D-9347 were put back in their cells. End Log