Sushi the Squid

Hey! I’m not new, but I’m 14 now so yay! New account to burry my mistake into the depths of hell. Anyway…. Ik this probably isn’t the way I’m supposed to be doing things but I’m on a iPad and I can’t find a app to make this anyway Soo… oh boy here’s the scp. I tried not to make her a Mary Sue this time. Ok. Here we go.

Scp ((let’s just go with 999 for now)) resembles a 14 year old girl, with long blue hair, appearing to be natural, in a ponytail. It has a long blue dress/overcoat, and crystal eyes.

Object class: elucid
Scp-999 was found on mt. [redacted] on [redacted]

It was in a active state, causing a large storm.

Special containment procedures: Scp-999 is very rebellious,and will streak staff with lightning when provoked. Thus it must be kept in a large 24 x 24 room, with a bed, a Nintendo [redacted] and a desk with drawing tools.

When scp-999 first arrived, it had a bubbly and cheerful mood, but once realizing it was being contained, became angry, stating,

“You guys think you’re sooo helpful, locking up this poor cat without a butt, and a adorable little slime guy! Me and my friends could fix all of this! I mean.. we can’t. But we totally could!”

Eventually it agreed to containment. And by agreed she was administrated anesthesia.

The follow log is a interview with Dr. Dave, who came into the containment area.

999: What is it? You already took away my pride!
Dr: I’m here to ask a few things.
999: yeah. What.
Dr: you’ve talked about your “wand” many times, but can you explain what it’s for?
999: I mean I guess. And I only call it a wand because “energy transfer staff” is a little… much for you mortals.
Dr: what does it do?
999: lots of things. You know, storms, lightning… more storms…
Dr: So what are you here for? What’s your goal?
999: I liked the weather patterns here, so I came to take a look around, found a high place and got carried away. But The others will come! Then yell at me for being stupid.. speaking of which, can I see That Bright Guy again? We need to discuss… important matters.
Dr: no. What others?
999: child of life, child of death, child of frost, child of flame, and child of myth. You know, the childs!
Dr: this is just some cosplayer…

At this point scp-999 struck dr dave, and he was hospitalized, but made a full recovery. Scp-999 showed signs of remorse, but continues to try to escape.