Sea Thumbs
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Item #: SCP-3938


Excerpt from the viral video: 'Pink Sea Creature'

The video contains an abused Wild Matured Specimen of SCP-3938. See 'History' for details.

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Specimens of SCP-3938 are to be contained within 90x90cm Polypropylene Cages within Site-19, only 5 cages of SCP-3938 are allowed at any given time, any further specimens are to be Neutralised and/or Experimented upon. Each cage has a thickness of 2cm and features a sliding hatch for opening and closing. Cages are to be layered with Sand mixed with 3.7% Salt to simulate the sand found on Beaches1 The bottom of each Cage must have a semi-even layer of sand that is 5cm High for Immature Specimens and 11cm or less for Mature Instances.

2 Litres (1000 mL) of Water mixed with 70 Grams of Salt are to be flushed down into the cage via a bucket or large container Once every Week (7 Days) in order to moisturise specimens of SCP-3938, regardless of age or number of specimens in any cage.

Diet consists of Calcium Carbonate and Wet Sand. This is supplemented in the form of Sea Shells that have been thoroughly washed with regular water. Immature Specimens require at least 2 Shells every 24-48 hours. Mature Specimens only require 1 Shell every 120-168 hours.

Containment Cages are to be cleaned every month by removing all Specimens from the Cages, removing all sand and hosing out the Cages with regular water. Afterwards all alive Specimens are to be put back in their proper Containment's or to be Experimented upon.

Upon a Containment Breach, all breached instances of SCP-3938 are to be killed in any way possible, but are not to be considered an emergency due to their Safe Nature.

Description: SCP-3938 refers to an Unknown Species loosely related to Holothuroidea (Sea Cucumbers). SCP-3938 are hermaphrodites and will reproduce with any other Specimen that has matured. SCP-3938 appears as a Fleshy Growth that produces lavish amounts of Slime,2 features range between Specimens. But there are key features present in every Mature Specimen. Immature Specimens, however, do not have as many identical features aside from being a fleshy growth with no sensory organs and limited internal organs.

Adult Members of SCP-3938 move around by contracting their muscles. These method of travel is extremely slow, moving at 0.065 km/h when at their 'walking' pace. But have been recorded of reaching speeds of 0.088 km/h, typically when 'running'. Their body naturally produces mucus from special glands underneath their hairs. It's been theorised that SCP-3928 sweats this slimy mucus to keep cool.3

Both Adult and Adolescent instances 'eat' by absorbing Shells or anything that is rich in Calcium. SCP-3938 will eat anything (if hungry) that it comes into contact with, even non-edible items sticks and rocks. However, SCP-3938 will not melt down food-items with it's copious amounts of mucus. Instead Matured Instances squeeze themselves against 'food' item until said item ruptures the skin and slides into the body of SCP-3938, showing no signs of pain and little-to-no blood. Immature Instances will instead inflate themselves around the object and then merge into their own flesh. Other food-products, such as Coca-Cola Brand Cola, have also been absorbed.


An Immature Instance SCP-3938 feeding on a Shell.

Note: The Bulbous ends are previously eaten items.

The temperament between Adolescent and Adult instances of SCP-3938 shows that Mature and Older Specimens are more aggressive and hostile to other members of their containment4. On rare occurances, a single Specimen will consume all nearby Specimens, growing massively in size and weight, See Addendum 3989-1 for more information.

Mature Specimens normal daily and nightly activity consists of Instances slowly crawling through the sand, occasionally burying themselves pressing themselves down into the sand. To prevent any Mature Instanced hiding from observation, sand is kept at a height of 11cm. Immature Specimens normal daily activity consists of hiding in sand or coating themselves in it, to aid in healthy growth, sand is kept high enough for Small Instances to properly hide. Immature Specimens normal nightly activity consists of eating nearby food, only ever eating Two Shells each night.

Immature Instances of SCP-3938 are more vulnerable to blunt-force trauma when compared to Mature Instances of SCP-3938, often flattening out in a sticky bright pink jelly-like substance when weight more than 50kg is applied. Mature Instances do not turn into a jelly when squished, but instead pop in a bloody fashion. Mature Instances have shown to bleed when cut or hit hard enough. Immature Instances do not bleed red-blood, but instead seep a clear jelly substance5.


Excerpt from the viral video: 'Pink Sea Creature'

See 'History' for details


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