SCP-XXXX: Misfortune Is A Blessing

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX cannot be contained, Due to the entity's constant wandering state. SCP-XXXX is to be kept at Site ██ in a 4 x 4 x 4 Cryo-chamber maintained at -227°C when not in testing. Once a month, Surgically Blinded D-Class Personnel are to inhibit any method of viewing the SCP to allow Foundation Personnel to perform maintenance of the Cryo-chamber.

Description: Due to the appearance of SCP-XXXX being different to Human subjects who view the entity, it is currently impossible to give a proper description. All forms of SCP-XXXX are limited to a size of 3.01 metres or less in length.

Blind Individuals who come in contact with SCP-XXXX report a sphere approximately 1.5 metres in diameter, made of a material similar to [REDACTED]

When someone views SCP-XXXX, now designated SCP-XXXX-1, they will have "misfortune" fall upon them. This misfortune can vary from dropping a pencil, catching a flu to whole buildings collapsing.

SCP-XXXX-1 Description of SCP-XXXX Resulting Misfortune
Australian Female A Purple Slug, 1.5 Metres Later Choked On her food during lunch, Survived
American Male SCP-████ inflicted with polio, Critical Condition
Chinese-Korean Female A 2004 Ford F-150, 1.78 Metres Fell Down Stairs, Deceased
Indian Female A 'Shadow Man', 2 Metres Tall Brutally Murdered In Cell, Cause Unknown
American Female Bald Eagle, 2.78 Metres Pushed Off Roof, Deceased
Austrian Male Plesiosaur, 2.67 Metres Suffocated In Cell
Ugandan Female Ungaikyou, 3.01 Metres Subject was absorbed into the SCP, Mass Corrosion causes multiple Containment breach

All Testing Of SCP-XXXX Is Now Discontinued, If we allow a result such as an earthquake or other disasters capable of causing large Employee death/ Containment Breaches were to be produced, Especially since the other SCP's Contained in this site are extraordinarily dangerous, we'd be screwed beyond belief.

Retrieval Incident #XXXX-1-A

<Begin Log>

Capt. █████: I've located the object, its a little girl carrying this monstrous backpack.

Dr. ██: Perfect, retrieve the object

Capt. █████: Uh, Sorry but there are car crashes and sick people everywhere, its gonna be difficult to come in from the sky when things are going haywire like this, what does this thing do anyway?

Dr. ██: I am not qualified to answer that, Keep watch on the object, wait for it to wander into an uninhabited area.

Capt. █████: Shit! God Damn! [Unintelligible]

Dr. ██: Capt. █████! what is happening there?

Capt. █████: The goddamn building! its gonna fall on us!

Dr. ██: Capt. █████, Abort retrieval mission, we will send you and your team out when it reaches the desert.

Capt. █████: [Heavy Objects Crashing to the ground can be heard] [Explosions] [Shouting]

<End Log>

(Because of information gained from Retrieval Incident #XXXX-1-A Retrieval is delayed until the entity reaches the desert, Retrieval Team to be blind. )