The Piglet
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Item #: █████

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-████ is to be kept in a sealed concrete chamber that is exactly 5.5 meters below sea level. Security personnel must patrol routinely, and a series of cameras are to be placed around the facility and record from 0200 hours to 1000 hours, and from 1400 hours to 2200 hours. If a blackout hinders the video surveillance, a backup generator startup should be put into place. If SCP-████ escapes, security personnel are to commence in an immediate sweep of nearby ████████████████████.

Description: SCP-████ is approximately .7 meters in height and .2 meters in width. SCP-████ can weigh between 49 and 63 pounds, depending on the time of it's most recent feeding. SCP-████ is covered in a fur that cannot be identified by any known means, and often displays major discomfort towards any physical contact with anything, including the ground. SCP-████ will go into a sort of trance where it begins to levitate, emit damaging physic waves, and will begin to bleed out of it's facial features. During this time, SCP-████'s eyes will roll back into it's head, and it will show no sign of any ability to see brain function whatsoever. SCP-████ will also make any optical device (mechanical or otherwise) completely blind after about 5 minutes of direct eye contact. SCP-████ will go into this process twice throughout the day.