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Item #: ████

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-████ is allowed to roam the site freely if it desires, with the security clearance of a level 2 officer. SCP-████ must be in it's cell by 22:00, and must remain in the cell until 6:00 of the next day. SCP-████ is to be treated as a normal member of Lima team, and will complete assignments with them regularly. If SCP-████ is found disobeying these regulations, it is to be reprimanded by a senior officer and taken to on-site command.

If any large injury is seen on SCP-████, he is to be referred to the medical bay, and all on-sight council are to go into immediate lock down. Large injuries include lacerations over 1.5 inches in length, fractures, contusions over 1 inch in diameter, and any form of biological depredation.

Description: SCP-████ is a humanoid creature with organ placement similar to that of a human, with the exception of its appendix1. SCP-████'s nature is almost exclusively diplomatic. It possesses an incredible ability to talk nearly anyone into doing nearly anything, and uses this too it's full advantage during a mission with other members of Lima-A6. However, most of the members of Lima-A6 claim that it never uses this ability to "do wrong", which is why it is allowed to continue work as a team member of Lima-A6.

SCP-████ is 1.8 meters tall, Caucasian with black hair, and has a moderately muscular body build. It's eyes change color approximately thirteen (13) months. As of ██/██/████, it's eyes are neon yellow. Other recorded eye colors include red, forest green, neon green, brown, bright blue, crimson, magenta, dark blue, gold, black, white, and amber. SCP-████ appears to have no control over the color of it's eyes.

SCP-████ possess an immense pain tolerance, being able to withstand:

  • A standard commercially available truck driving at 110 kilometers an hour
  • Electric shock under 3,000 volts
  • Gunfire under 12.7x108 caliber
  • Chlorine gas
  • Blunt damage
  • 20,000mg dose of cyanide

When damage goes over these these thresholds, SCP-████ starts to experience moderate physical damage, but never more than a light laceration or contusion.2