Chest of Morality
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Item #: SCP - 3297

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP 3297 is never to be contained. It is kept, now and always, on a desolate island in the ████████ Ocean. Any personnel assigned to research 3297 will be given an implant that is capable of remotely detonating. Any foundation personnel will be terminated via this implant if they:

  • Refuse to follow guidance rules / refuse orders of any level 4 or higher security personnel
  • Attempt to steal SCP 3297-3
  • Violently engage on SCP 3297-2
  • Leave the island on which SCP 3297 is “contained” without permission from security level 4 or higher
  • Refuse the memory wipe & device removal after returning to the foundation HQ in ███████,████

Any memory of SCP 3297 must be erased in order to stop leaks of the foundation and it’s inability to contain SCP 3297. If SCP 3297-3 is stolen, or if SCP 3297-2 is engaged upon, all disobeying personnel will be terminated via explosive implant, and all other personnel will immediately be given a memory wipe of SCP 3297 using at least 200 ML of █████████, and will have their implants removed. Maintenance will clean the area, given a memory wipe using the same technique as previous staff members, and a new staff will be sent to the island.

All staff members must be replaced every 4 months, and all subjects and staff on the site of SCP 3297 must be given weekly psychiatric treatment.

If any civilian finds SCP 3297, they will immediately be abducted and demoted to D-Class. They will be kept in the foundation for the standard amount of time as a D-Class subject, and will have their memory wiped with at least 400 ML of █████████, as to prevent outside knowledge of the foundation and SCP 3297.

Description: SCP 3297-1 is a sentient chest, made of birch wood and brass, filled with golden coins, decorated in designs taken from ancient Andean decent, that sits in an ancient tomb.The golden coins will now be referred to as SCP 3297-3. SCP 3297-3 may only be handled by metallic tools, or by SCP 343 (the reason as to why SCP 343 is not effected is not known). When the coins are touched by a human subject, SCP 3297-1 will begin its “test of morality”. This test takes from 10 minutes to 3 years, depending on the age of the subject(s). Multiple tests of morality can be conducted in unicent. However, the subject(s) becomes completely brain dead during this time, and do not need water or food. The subject(s) also appear unable to age.

If the test is failed, SCP 3297-1 will state that the subject is “not worthy” in one way or another, either in ancient languages, Biblical verses, lectures on their life choices, and so on. If the subject does fail the test, a door behind SCP 3297-1 opens, revealing a stone statue it calls “To dos pudenda” (Almighty), which will now be referred to as SCP 3297-2. SCP 3297-2 takes different forms, depending on what SCP 3297-1 had said before the doors opened, typically embodying the opposite of what SCP 3297-1 had called the subject(s). This can range from “Helpfulness” to “Positivism” and so on. SCP 3297-2 will proceed to follow the subject(s), trying to crush the subject(s) under it’s left heel and left heel only.

If a subject passes the test, they are rewarded with one of SCP 3297-3. SCP 3297-3 is made of 24 karat gold, but also has an ability that goes with it. These abilities can range from self-healing, to increased persuasion and charisma, to elimination of one’s fears. These can be cloned by SCP 038, but their anomalous abilities do not pass over.

It has been found that, while in the test of morality, subjects hear faint whispers in their head. This is likely SCP 3297-1, as it is show to constantly be emitting brainwaves, even though X-rays show no brain inside SCP 3297-1. While conducting the test of morality, it seems those brainwaves stop emitting from the chest, and start emitting from the subject(s).

Audio Logs:

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