Object Class:Euclid

Special Containment Procedure:
SCP-XXXX is to be locked in a tinted bullet-resistant glass container. The key to SCP-XXXX's container should be stored in a secure area on site. For the convenience of testing, SCP-XXXX should be stored in a room with a single stall firing range. The room of SCP-XXXX's containment is also to be lined with sound absorbing material to minimize the object's sound emission. Two armed guards are to be stationed at SCP-XXXX's containment area. All personell working with SCP-XXXX must be briefed on its effects.

SCP-XXXX is a Soviet RP-46 Degtyaryov light machine gun. The object shows no visible anomalies, featuring small scratches likely from the manufacturing process. It features a drum magazine, bipod, front and rear sight, and a furnished wood stock, standard to the design of the RP-46. It fires Russian 7.62x54R rounds at a rate of 650 rounds per minute, having an effective range of approximately 800 meters. The object weighs approximately 14 kilograms.

SCP-XXXX has shown complete resistance from physical damage and change from: hydrochloric acid, extreme temperatures in an incinerator, and brute force of a sledgehammer.

Although SCP-XXXX was initially successfully painted red with ████ brand spray paint, it returned to its original state overnight when returned to storage.

SCP-XXXX also appears to have an infinite ammunition capacity. Approximately 390,000 rounds have been fired from SCP-XXXX since it has been tested on site. In one instance, a clamp was used hold the trigger of SCP-XXXX, sustaining fire for 6 hours without interruption. Upon inspection, the weapon showed no signs of wear or damage. The muzzle and barrel of SCP-XXXX showed no signs of overheating. Attempts to remove the drum magazine from the weapon have proven impossible, a force of 2 metric tons was used to hold the weapon in place while a clamp of an opposing force of 1 metric ton was used to attempt prying the drum magazine from the weapon. SCP-XXXX, and its magazine showed complete resistance under the weight of the high powered machine.

Site personell have also reported music emanating from the weapon while firing, specifically, a orchestral fanfare of the Soviet anthem. The music is played at approximately 120 decibels from an unspecific source on the weapon, and can be heard from a distance of approximately 1.5 kilometers. It will quickly become inaudible if the distance between the subject and SCP-XXXX is exceeds 1.5 kilometers. Hearing protection is advised while observing and using SCP-XXXX. The music can be faintly heard throughout the facility despite the use of sound absorbing walls. The fanfare only plays while the weapon is firing. It will abruptly stop if the gun ceases firing and will quickly resume when the weapon begins firing again. However, after a duration of approximately 4.4 minutes of idling, the anthem will reset. When a loop of the anthem is finished, it will begin to play again after approximately 20 seconds if the weapon is still being fired, it will begin immediately if the gun stops firing and begins firing again.

SCP-XXXX also appears to display anomalous behaviors when exposed to American symbols. When the Star Spangled Banner is played near SCP-XXXX, it will respond by playing the Soviet anthem in an attempt to drown out the opposing music. Any American flag placed near SCP-XXXX will be pushed away by an unknown force when not being observed, and if an American flag is placed on SCP-XXXX, it will gradually transform into a Soviet flag by unknown means. Other anomalous behaviors have yet to be found.

SCP-XXXX is capable of telekinetically communicating to subjects within a distance of roughly 9 meters, given that the object is in sight. It will only choose to communicate with one subject if it is not approached by a single individual, from a seemingly random basis. The most common phrases heard from subjects are "Вы выбрали" ("you are chosen") and "Выйди" (come forth). Although most subjects have had no prior knowledge of the Russian language, all were able to understand SCP-XXXX. Subjects are drawn to the voice of SCP-XXXX and compelled to touch SCP-XXXX. When a subject is in possession of SCP-XXXX, they will recieve "superhuman" abilities moments after contact. Observed abilities include: increased stamina, quicker reflexes, and extreme resiliance to projectiles.
Subjects have successfully resisted 9 mm, .45 ACP, .44 magnum, 5.56, and 7.62 rounds. Increasing munition size has resulted in fatal wounds in the subject. Subjects appear to be completely unaware of their abilities until they experience them firsthand. However, all subjects report a feeling of altruism and feel the obligation to help others. This is true in even the coldest of D-Class personel tested with SCP-XXXX. This effect cannot be negated while the subject is in possession of SCP-XXXX. The abilities supplied by SCP-XXXX quickly cease when a subject loses contact with the object.

SCP-XXXX was discovered after a Russian crime syndicate was reportedly being dismantled by a vigilante going by the name of "███ ███████". Russian intelligence were eventually able to identify the man as ████████ ████ through the use of surveillance cameras. He was later traced to his apartment in ████ and apprehended by local police, weapon confiscated. His presence was notoriously announced with a defeaning orchestral Soviet anthem.