Item #: SCP-4370-EX

Object Class: Explained

Special Containment Procedures: Despite a full understanding of its mechanism of operation, SCP-4370-EX remains a threat to consensus normalcy and as such merits public-facing disinformation regarding its existence.

Presently, it is disguised as a telecommunications satellite owned and operated by the Australian government in conjunction with the United States. If SCP-4370-EX's containment team deems there to be an unacceptable risk of activation, all Orbital Task Forces available are to be scrambled and given authorisation to use necessary esoteric assets to prevent SCP-4370-EX's firing sequence, up to and including deployment of CRUCIFORM SNARE.

In the event that SCP-4370-EX successfully fires, it is unlikely a human response can be mounted.

Description: SCP-4370-EX is an orbital weapon currently stationed in geosynchronous orbit over the meridian 140.0° east of Greenwich. While nominally built during the 1980s, the weapon incorporates components with a tenuous relationship to consensus causality. Current projections estimate the archaeological discovery which precipitates SCP-4370-EX's creation will occur approximately a decade from the time of writing.

SCP-4370-A is SCP-4370-EX's firing mechanism. Examination suggests that it is a heavily modified system based off of designs proposed by Nitschke, P., et al. While its primary function is exposing the payload to vacuum for sufficient time, it possesses the capability to autonomously utilise other methods of launch, such as the use of nitrogen gas to induce anoxia.

SCP-4370-B is SCP-4370's payload.


Recovery: SCP-4370-EX was initially recovered as part of a program of systematic paraweapon seizure during the later years of the Reagan administration. During the audit of the Department of Defense's orbital assets, Orbital Task Force Digamma-3 ("Where They Come Down") identified and subsequently confirmed SCP-4370-EX as a paraweapon in contravention of the Caldmann Esoteric Warfare Treaties.

While further investigation was hampered by large-scale obstruction by affiliated agencies and contractors, a joint raid by Global Occult Coalition and Foundation forces recovered a series of communiques in a Raytheon branch office involved with the launch of SCP-4370-EX. These allowed intelligence officers to create a limited reconstruction of the events leading up to SCP-4370-EX's creation.

In his original paper on the speculated properties of SCP-4370-EX, Researcher Kitterman stated that for the consistency hypothesis to be true, it is necessary for the payload itself to return to its origin point at some time in the future. Foundation research into esoteric means of hastening this event and thereby neutralising SCP-4370-EX are ongoing.