Taffeta Policy

Proposal: Creating Invisible Tags for GoI-format Articles


GoI-format articles are required to be tagged with every Group of Interest that they mention or involve, meaning that there's no way to effectively sort GoI-formats by the Group of Interest they belong to in-universe. The obvious example of this is Eskobar's MEMORANDUM 083 REGARDING PROJECT "GUARDIANSHIP", which has 20 tags not including the 'goi-format' tag, all of which are Groups of Interest.


Much like the '_cc' and '_image' tags, Tech Team proposes the creation of invisible GoI tags that indicate the GoI that created the format. We could simply create tags with an underscore placed in front of the pre-existing GoI tag that makes them invisible, e.g. '_prometheus', '_alexylva' or '_professor-aw'. It would take at most a couple of days to go through every GoI-format and tag them with the appropriate tags, seeing as most GoI hubs have a list of GoI-formats belonging to that Group already. The main question is the naming convention of the invisible tags; the rest is just manwork.