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Item #: SCP-3488

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3488 is to be contained in a cell. A 6m x 6m x 6m airtight cube, made out of solid wurtzite boron nitride. SCP-3488's cell shall be checked daily for any damage on the walls, ceiling or floor. The cell must be monitored by staff above level 4, at all times. SCP-3488's cell shall be always moistured, at a moisture level of atleast 1200 ml per m³ and always be heated to atleast 28°C.

Description: SCP-3488 is a velociraptor-like reptile, measuring of a height of 2,34 meters. SCP-3488's body seems to mainly consist out of the core-substances just like a human (see addendum SCP-3488-6). SCP-3488 has a body similar to the body structure of a velociraptor. It's arms are about 75cm long, hands with 5 (five) fingers armed with additional 10cm long and 2cm wide, sharp claws capable of cutting metal like Titanium (see addendum SCP-3488-6), however the head is quite different. Its skull has 3 (three) tubes protruding out of it, descovered in addendum SCP-3488-6, these tubes contain 3 (three) other brains, which are also tube like. Its face has a spout like a velociraptor although it has 4 (four) fully working eyes. It has incredible hearing senses and can hear its prey's heartbeat within a close proximity. SCP-3488 has been capable of mind controlling its targets when they've stared directly into one of its eyes. SCP-3488 is an extreme docile hunter, mainly hunting at night time. SCP-3488 has been discorved, to reach a movement speed of up to 139 km/h (86,4 mp/h) since the accident SCP-3488-1 ( 6/24/████ see document SCP-3488-1-A ). SCP-3488's technique of hunting, is beyond our current perception of reality. Even if the occurence is very rare, SCP-3488 does hunt for sports. When SCP-3488 hasn't eaten in more than 3 days, 2 hours, 43 minutes and 33 seconds (Cycle is consistant. See addendum SCP-3488-2, -3, -4 and -5) it will start to behave hyperactively as in addendum SCP-3488-3. SCP-3488 will start trying to cut its way out of its cell. When SCP-3488 finally find's prey, it will proceed to cut it open. It will start cutting it open alive. It will only eat the organs though, including the heart. Once it cuts it's way to the bowel, SCP-3488 will rip it out and stuff it into the mouth of its victim following with a spit. SCP-3488's saliva consists of ██████-███████. It will then proceed to cut off the victims head with its fangs before laying it to its nest and performing a ritual of sorts (see addendum SCP-3488-4-B). After the ritual (on avarage after 5 min and 30 seconds, the head of the victim will decompose into a liquid-like substance at that point it will be called SCP-3488-1. From the past victims (mostly humans) the liquid has merged into, what seems, an infant (see addendum SCP-3488-8-A). The foundation's researchers have assumed it's its way of reproducing. Dr. ████████ and Dr. Rasbowski have since given the order to only feed fish to SCP-3488 to stop it from reproducing. As of addendum SCP-3488-7-C, SCP-3488 can and will starve after 7+ weeks of hunger.

To capture SCP-3488, it requires 6 MTF-Units and atleast 1 bait. 4 out of the 6 Units have to hold all its arms and legs. The fifth one has to hold SCP-3488's neck. The sixth unit has to coat its hole body in [DATA REDACTED] (see addendum SCP-3488-9-CB). This can only be performed while it's performing its ritual since it will, like in addendum SCP-3488-9-CB, try to perform its ritual no matter the cannon fire.

SCP-3488 has been spotted communicating to SCP-049 on bontainment breach ██/██/████ in heavy containment site H5-█.
On containment breach ██/██/████, SCP-3488 has been seen communicating with

SCP-3488 has been rejecting any communication to humans. Dr. Rasbowski will put in more research.

Dr. ███████ requested to terminate SCP-3488, though this request has been denied by ████ █████████ and Dr. Rasbowski.

Any personell under clearance-level 4 are not allowed to get into any contact, nor the vecinity of SCP-3488's containment chamber and/or containment site (Site U-7 chamber ██)