What You Are in the Dark...


FILED BY: Dr Charles Stafford, Site-63 Director of Intelligence

LOCATION OF MISSION: Glasgow, Scotland
ASSIGNED TASKFORCE: Mobile Task Force Eta-12 "Dead Ringer"
TEAM LEAD: Adam Nuamah

PRE-MISSION CONTEXT: Site-63 personnel were informed of a potential Marshall, Carter and Dark weapons stash being held underneath 250 Edgefauld Road, Glasgow, Scotland. Director of Mobile Task Forces, Craig Booker authorised an Eta-12 squadron, (henceforth referred to as Eta-12-Θ) led by Commander Adam Nuamah to capture or destroy the weapons "at any cost."


23:09: Eta-12-Θ arrives on the premises

23:16: Eta-12-Θ enters 250 Edgefauld Road via the front entrance. The building is evacuated of civilians by MTF forces under the guise of the Strathclyde Police.

23:26: Gunshots are heard over communication channels. Reinforcements are requested.

23:27: Communication is lost with Eta-12-Θ. Last message is received from Lieutenant Wade; "-vrybody out, it's [indiscernible]. Shit, Nuamahs fucked up, [indiscernible] get ou-"

23:27: An explosion originating from the basement of the building engulfs the lower levels. Foundation personnel retreat, halting approximately 80m away.

23:30: Strathclyde Fire and Rescue arrives onsite and begin evacuating the surrounding buildings and MTF Reinforcements form a perimeter around 250 Edgefauld Road.

23:40: The building loses stability and collapses onto a nearby tower block, causing the collapse of both buildings.

NOTE: For a full list of events and communication transcripts, please submit a request to Site-63's security office for the attention of Security Chief Mosiolek.

POST-MISSION REPORT: Civilian witnesses were temporarily taken into Foundation custody but released. The Department of Disinformation has successfully established a coverup story implicating the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) in the explosion. In response, a National State of Emergency was declared by Prime-Minister John Major.

As well as the 32 deceased members of MTF Eta-12 and 7 other Foundation personnel, there was a total of 113 casualties; 92 civilians and 21 fire-fighters. Following the death of Adam Nuamah, Elizabeth Ogawa has been promoted to Commander of Mobile Task Force Eta-12. The replacement of the other 31 members of Eta-12 is currently under review.

Addendum MJ-2091-Φ/01: Due to the crippling of Marshal, Carter and Dark forces in the Baltic, North Sea and British regions, Operation MJ-2091-Φ has been declared a success as of 20/03/93.

Eduard felt sick.

He had had always been the one to get upset over tragic events but never yet to the extent that it made him physically shudder. He remembered hearing about that supposed terrorist attack on the evening news - it had been all everybody talked about for weeks. It had generated a fresh wave of anti-Irish hysteria and there had even been talk of Russian involvement and the possibility of another war.

However, it had all died down soon enough and people had turned to the next tragedy to react to, this time a school shooting in Massachusetts. Eduard supposed that was why other people never got worked up over this kind of stuff, they knew the next invasion, plane crash or political assassination was always right around the corner.

That bothered him somewhat, knowing that he lived in a world so desensitised to the suffering of others.

But this… was on a whole new level. How many people must have turned a blind eye to this huge coverup in order to keep it a secret? The O5 certainly. Senior Staff, clerks, secretaries… Hell, the Foundation probably even had people in the government and MI5 in on it. Maybe even the Prime-Minister.

Now that was a really disturbing thought.

Eduard's musings were abruptly halted by the crackling of his earpiece. The distorted voice of his overseer cut through the static. "Jesus Christ Mazursky, you've been in there for ages. How long do you need to locate a handful of files!?"

Eduard sighed and pulled down the mouthpiece of his headset. "I've found the files - it looks like an MCD weapon stash was uncovered by the Foundation and in an attempt to capture them, MTF set off the weapons killing dozens of civilians. The government had to have been involved. I mean, if we leak this information to the public, we could cou-"

"I am going to stop you right there." the voice retorted; "We are not in the business of opening the public's eyes to what happens behind the scenes - leave that to the Hand. Anyway, does the docu-"

"But the people are being lied to by those they trust, those who claim to be acting in their best interests!" Eduard exclaimed.

"For fuck's sake, Mazursky, get your head out of the sand. These are not nice people you are dealing with. I promise you the government and the Foundation have done a lot worse than coverup the deaths of some unlucky civilians. Besides, if this became public knowledge, it would be chaos!"

"Isn't that our fucking job!? Aren't we supposed to be the ones enlightening the public, not keeping them in the dark? Or did Delta Command have a change of heart?"

Eduard regretted saying that immediately.

"Save me your naïve rhetoric, Mazursky, and I will save you my 'ends justify the means' speech. Now, we have business to attend to." That tone was one that Eduard knew well, it signified the end of the conversation.

Eduard slumped into a nearby chair, he couldn't understand how the people around him could act with such a disregard for common decency.

No. That wasn't fair, it was just his prick of an overseer he had issues with. The few other operatives he'd met before his assignment actually seemed to have a sense of morality.

"Do the documents mention if any weapons were recovered from the wreckage, or if there are any other nearby stashes?" The suddenly calm and collected tone of his contact was unsettling; it was as if the previous conversation had never happened.

Eduard quickly rifled through the papers laid out across his lap, searching them for anything that might help. "At a quick glance no. But there's a lot of extraneous shit here and apparently extra transcripts and info are being held at the security office."

The voice let out an exasperated sigh. "Well, at least this gives me something to work with. Do not bother trying to access those extra files; you will only get yourself caught and I neither need nor want the Foundation on my tail. And do not do anything stupid!"

A two-toned bleep signaled that Eduard was now alone among the piles of paperwork that had amassed over the last few hours. He still didn't know how his contact could adopt such an apathetic attitude towards horrific civilian damage.

Or maybe he was just overreacting. Maybe there was a bigger picture that he was missing, and ultimately just staying silent and letting the Insurgency tear the Foundation apart fro the inside would do more good than bringing a single cover-up to the to the public's attention.

He lacked enough information to balance both arguments precisely. But he knew exactly how gut instinct felt about it, and what it demanded he do.

Eduard had screwed up. The bulletin ordering his department to a meeting with Security Chief Mosiolek made that very clear. After all, what else could Mosiolek want with Oceanography department?

He was so sure he'd covered his tracks, though. He'd hidden and encrypted all the information in the email dozens of layers deep. Anyone who dug deep enough wouldn't have seen anything out of the ordinary; only someone who already knew what they were looking for would be able to decode it.

Or maybe the fault wasn't on his end. Maybe it had been the recipient who had failed to follow standard protocol - it was quite possible they had been caught. But then, how could the Foundation have traced it back to him. He had done everything he could have possibly done.

All this second-guessing made traversing the narrow halls to the meeting room difficult; Eduard's path, mirroring his thoughts, constantly doubled back on itself, because for every more convoluted rationalisation, he made another wrong turning or missed another flight of stairs.

He needed to pull his act together to stand a chance of getting through this. Turning up late and drenched in sweat wouldn't exactly be a great start.

After a significant amount of time and a quick consultation with a map, Eduard finally found his way to Meeting Room 3-A. Like most rooms at Site-63, it was a tight, claustrophobic space made more so by the half a dozen people now crammed around a central table.

Eduard took the one remaining seat at the table, between his department's head researcher, Dr. Carter Hodgkinson, and one of the junior staff.

Carter leaned over to Eduard and whispered in his ear. "It's lucky Mosiolek is being as unpunctual as always or you'd be in deep trouble right now, all things considered."

Hodgkinson was right, but Eduard knew that if he didn't calm himself quickly, his luck would come to an abrupt and sticky end.

Eduard attempted to steady his breath and put on a collected veneer. "D-do you know what this is all about, I mean, some serious shit must have gone on for us to be called into a meeting with the Security Chief."

"Language!" Carter said mildly. "But to be honest, I haven't much of a clue. What I do know is that we're not the only ones to have been brought in; the security team has already interrogated most of the major departments -External Affairs, Logistics, Intelligence, Pataphysics, MTF and all the rest. Looks we're next on the chopping block." He smirked at his own joke.

"So we are in trouble then." Of course, Eduard already knew exactly what was going on, but as long as there was the slimmest chance of escape it was better to feign ignorance.

"Mm" Carter replied. "I'd say the look on Dr. Wood's face when he left the security office this morning says it al-."

The conversation was quickly cut off by a prolonged, dry cough and the sudden appearance of a tall, slender man, within the void which the door once filled. The man strode down the side of the room, the flapping of his dark trench coat being the only thing filling the uncomfortable silence. A large, glowing cigar hung out the side of his mouth, its smoke spreading across the questionably-ventilated room.

Upon reaching the head of the table, Security Chief Leonid Mosiolek used one hand to remove the cigar from his mouth and the other to launch a large wad of files across the table, making a number of the junior staff flinch.

"Operation MJ-dash-2091-dash-phi" Mosiolek's drawn-out and deliberate syllables resounded across the room.

"Top secret as I'm sure you can guess, If you were to learn of this information I'd have you shot." Mosiolek glared at Dr. Good, a Senior Researcher who'd began reaching for the files. He quickly resumed his previous position.

Mosiolek continued. "However, two days ago that top secret information found its way to one Mrs. Virginia Bottomley, the current Secretary of State for Health. The information was retrieved and Mrs. Bottomley amnesticised without further incident, of course. But we still clearly have a problem."

It was at this moment that Dr. Good decided to pipe up. "That's… fantastic and all but what does that have to do with us?"

Mosiolek let out a short a cough.

"Had I been allowed to continue, I would have told you that the information in question can be obtained from two places only: the Documentation Library at Site-01, which can only be accessed by the 05s, and the records office here at Site-63."

"I still don't see what you're getting at, Mr. Mosiolek."

Every word that lefts Good's mouth was just another nail in his coffin, thought Eduard. Judging by the air of tension in the room, everyone else had figured that out too yet Good still seemed oblivious.

Mosiolek clenched his jaw momentarily before taking a long puff of his cigar and continuing; "Dr. Good isn't it? Well, if the information was leaked it must have been leaked by someone." Mosiolek's already thin façade of composure thinned further. "I think we can safely assume that it wasn't one of the 05s. That means someone in Site-63 - potentially in this room - is a traitor. As Chief of Security, it is my job to find this person and deal with them."

Eduard had expected everyone to begin glaring suspiciously at one another. Instead they all just stared glumly down at the white surface of the table, as if each and every one were guilty of the crime Eduard knew only he had committed.

The rustling of files broke the awkward silence; Mosiolek had pulled a second stack of bland files out of some dark crevice in his trench coat "Here, Internal Security want everyone to have one of these, it has a few questions that will help them start their investigation. These forms are to be completed and handed into the security office by the end of tomorrow at the latest."

As the documents were passed around the table, Eduard locked eyes with the Security Chief. Eduard's heartbeat thudded against the inside of his eardrums. This was the man who was going to reveal him for the spy he was, Eduard had a gut instinct about it.

"Problem, Dr. Mazursky?"

"Erm, no shir- sir, it's, erm, nothing." Eduard realised his sentence was barely coherent even as he said it.

Mosiolek's lips twitched. "Quite a slur you have there Mazursky; you should pop down to the medbay, which you'll have plenty of time to do now as you're all dismissed."

The group had began moving to the door when Mosiolek's voice once more echoed throughout the room;

"Except Dr. Good, who will be staying here with me."

Good seemed unfazed by the obvious threat and calmly obliged, leaving the rest of the group to exit in silence.

Eduard hurried in the general direction of his quarters, too distracted to really concentrate on his route. His head swam with thoughts. This would be only the briefest of respites; he still had no idea how he was going to get away with his actions. Did Mosiolek already suspect him after their interaction? If he was caught how could he escape?

"You know, they're never going to find the body."

Eduard's heart skipped a beat. He spun around to locate the source of the voice, half-expecting to see a squad of armed guards ready to take him away. However, his paranoid notions were met with the bespectacled face of Dr. Hodgkinson. Eduard let out a shaky response. "-excuse me, whose body?"

Carter appeared momentarily confused until returning to his broad smile. "Dr. Good's of course. Mosiolek looked just about ready to execute the fool then and there."

Carter's grin quickly faded away, instead adopting a more concerned expression. "Eduard, are you alright? You look quite shaken up."

Eduard could sense the sincerity in his voice and yearned to tell him everything. However giving in to his whim would jeopardise everything he had worked for. Surely his mission was more important?

He tried to calm himself before giving a reply. "Yeah, this is just… all so stressful, I've never had to deal with this kind of thing before and Mosiolek is creepy as fuck."

Carter shifted slightly closer. "Language! But yes, you're right. Look, there's no need to worry. Mosiolek doesn't care about us little guys, the only reason Site-63 even has an Oceanography department is because we're based on an island. It's the big shots who are going to have every one of their actions held up to scrutiny: Wood, Stafford, Booker, the lot. If anything I should be slightly more worried - It's probably a bad idea for me to disclose the following information to you but I'm positive I can trust you to not go blabbing to security. I let Junior Researcher Richardson some files that require Level 3 Security Clearance and she hasn't been in her office every time I've gone to find her. If security caught wind of this, she and I would be under a lot of suspicion." Carter gestured to himself. "But do you see me panicking."

Eduard felt little reassurance at this but he smiled and nodded all the same.

"Fantastic, that's the spirit!" Carter was once again beaming. "Now, I'm heading back to the lab to take a look at Mosiolek's fun questionnaire, do you want to come with? Could pick up something from the cafeteria as well if you wanted."

Eduard took a step back. "My next shift isn't for a few hours and I think I'm going to have a lie down."

"Oh…" Carter paused slightly. "Well that's great! I hope you have a good rest and I'll see you at 1900." He turned away and left.

Upon arriving back at his quarters, Eduard chucked Mosiolek's document onto his cramped desk and slumped into his bed, without bothering to remove his ID card, his lab coat or even his shoes. He stared blankly at the ceiling, trying in vain to make sense of the jumbled array of his thoughts.

He'd thought he'd gotten away with leaking the information. But now he realized the magnitude of his error. Even though his contact had told him to lie low, he'd just had to go and do something so utterly stupid - and he hadn't even been fucking successful! And he'd risked the cover of the Insurgency agent he'd sent the information to.

Shit, the agent.

Eduard had never actually met them face-to-face, only conversing with them through the coded messages they sent through the SCiPnet. But there was a living, breathing human who was behind that computer screen. What the hell would happen to them now?

Would they go into hiding? Definitely.

Incarcerated by the Foundation? Most likely.



"What on God's fucking green Earth did you do!? You had one fucking job! Not even that, you had to do nothing! Literally nothing! Just keep your head low whilst I planned the next move. How could you fuck that up!?"

Eduard knew that his overseer's question was rhetorical but he certainly wasn't going to pass up this opportunity to defend himself;

"I-I thought leaking the information might aid the Insurgency by getting the public to ask questions."

"What gave you that fucking idea? Was it the fact that I specifically told you not to leak anything or was it that the Foundation has now gone into full fucking lockdown!? Putting our number one enemy on red alert is a funny way of 'aiding the Insurgency'."

"Hey that's not fair! It's not like the Foundation even know we're involved in this! For all they know it could just be some loose cannon, trying to fuck things up for them!"

"Well that is where you are wrong I am afraid, the Foundation found our mole who you sent the information to. They found your little friend, and unfortunately got to him before he could get to his cyanide pill."

Eduard stumbled to his desk, half-sitting half-collapsing onto his office chair. He tried to find his voice, he had several questions about the possibility of a rescue attempt or why didn't Delta Command extract the operative but he found himself glued to his chair, unable to make a coherent sound.

"Hello? Mazursky, are you even fucking listening to me?"

Eduard wondered how he could of allowed this to happen, he had done everything he could. Eduard frowned. He had done everything he could, but his everything clearly wasn't good enough. He was just trying to help…

"For God's sake get out of your little daydream or whatever the fuck you're doing." His overseer's slightly pissed off tone sobered Eduard, allowing him to respond;

"I'm listening, carry on then."

"Hmph ok then. As I was saying Delta Command thinks our mole must have spewed some important information because we have had three MTF raids on our shit in just the last couple of days. I have informed Command in your participation of this fuck-up and they, as well as I, are pissed that you may have bust your cover."

Eduard slammed the palm of his hand on his desk, "Hey, I'm in no danger of discovery, I did everything by the books, there's no reason for them to suspect me! Most of the other staff are just as worried, if not more worried than I am. In fact the head researcher of my department is panicking about him being blamed due to his lack of care with classified information so don't you go accusing me of screwing up you piece of shit!"