Memories of Math Class

Item: SCP-3502
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures:
All instances of SCP-3502 are to be contained in standard lockers in Site 76. Personnel are not to read any pages of SCP-3502 except for research purposes. Any newly reported instances of SCP-3502 are to be located and confiscated by local Foundation Agents.

Description: SCP-3502 refers to a collection of high school mathematical textbooks of several European languages, entitled ‘Revision Master: Mathematics’ in their respective dialects. Time of manufacture is unspecified, but marks of age and stylisation have placed the time of production sometime between the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. As such, anywhere between the first 90-115 pages comply with this style, and feature a variety of easy, intermediate and complex questions on a multitude of subjects.

Experimentation suggests that the number of ‘ordinary’ pages depends on the attention span and psychological condition of its reader; individuals with attention-related mental disorders or those who experience difficulty with complex mathematics have been shown to be able to tolerate significantly less pages than unaffected test subjects before any anomalous effects become observable. This limit typically ranges from 90-115 pages.

Beyond this threshold, SCP-3502 instances will progressively begin to exhibit a number of anomalous properties: Pages will change entirely when revisited and questions seem to change number and position at random; questions, previously structured around analogy and within a degree of difficulty proportionate to the intended user, will become increasingly incomprehensible and distressing to the reader. There seems to be no limit to the latter’s effect, regardless of the subject’s mental acuity or mathematical ability.

Beyond page 90-95, test subjects will demonstrate mild discomfort and stress towards the questions, which are often described as rational albeit incredibly challenging and bordering on impossible for even the most intelligent of participants. As the questions progress in difficulty, subjects begin to suffer from headaches, disorientation, and emotional distress, ranging from irritability and drowsiness to violent displays of psychosis. As of yet, no test subject has been able to articulate the exact nature of these tasks, simply expressing confusion and extreme anxiety when asked to describe them.

If the reader persists, they will begin to suffer from vivid hallucinations; whilst descriptions are vague and limited due to the reader’s declining mental condition, almost all recorded instances have described witnessing their own bodies rapidly deteriorating into mathematical symbols, shapes and numbers of their native language. The self-perceived completion of this ‘transformation’, much to the discomfort of the recipient, will result in a widespread brain hemorrhage, manifesting as a high-pressure expulsion of blood from the eyes, nose and ears. This has resulted in death within seconds or minutes in all but one case, as documented in Incident 3502-A.

History:The first known instance of SCP- was brought to Foundation attention in 199█ , after a number of seemingly inexplicable adolescent deaths made headlines in [REDACTED] and a number of nations in Central Europe. With the help of local law enforcement agencies, embedded Foundation Agents were able to recover the