Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures:
All instances of SCP- are to be contained in standard lockers in Site 19. Personnel are not to read any pages of SCP- except for research purposes. Any newly reported instances of SCPXXXX-A are to be located and confiscated by local Foundation Agents. SCP-XXXX-A1 is considered non-anomalous and so is safe for viewing.

Description: SCP-XXXX-A refers to a collection of elementary school mathematical textbooks of several European languages, entitled ‘Learn Maths With Clanky!-Grades 4 & 5’ in their respective dialects. Time of manufacture is unspecified, but marks of age and stylisation have placed the time of production sometime between the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. As such, anywhere between the first 90-115 pages comply with this style, and feature a variety of easy, intermediate and complex questions on a multitude of subjects.
SCP-XXXX-A is also accompanied by SCP-XXXX-A1, a 28-minute German-produced educational DVD available in English and German, entitled "Adventures in Mathsworld with Clanky!", in which a young boy and a representation of the textbook's mascot, Clanky, (see SCP-XXXX-B) discuss and solve a variety of mathematical problems, corresponding to the various topics of SCP-XXXX-A. SCP-XXXX-A1 is currently thought to be non-anomalous in of itself, but is closely linked to the emergence of SCP-XXXX-B. Further documentation of SCP-XXXX-A1 is ongoing.

Experimentation suggests that the percieved number of ‘ordinary’ pages of SCP-XXXX-A depends on the attention span and psychological condition of its reader; individuals with attention-related mental disorders or those who experience difficulty with complex mathematics have exhibited a reduced tolerance, able to read significantly less pages than unaffected test subjects before any anomalous effects become observable, including the manifestation of SCP-XXXX-B . This limit typically ranges from 95-115 pages.

Beyond this threshold, SCP-XXXX- A instances will progressively begin to exhibit a number of anomalous properties: Pages will change entirely when revisited and questions seem to change number and position at random; questions, previously structured around analogy and within a degree of difficulty proportionate to the intended user, will become increasingly incomprehensible and distressing to the reader. There seems to be no limit to the latter’s effect, regardless of the subject’s mental acuity or mathematical ability.

Beyond page 90-95, test subjects will demonstrate mild discomfort and stress towards the questions posed, which are often described as rational albeit incredibly challenging and bordering on impossible for even the most mathematically literate of participants. As the questions progress in difficulty, subjects begin to suffer from headaches, disorientation, and emotional distress, ranging from irritability and drowsiness to mild paranoia, typically described as a sense of 'impending doom'. As of yet, no test subject has been able to describe the exact nature of these tasks, simply expressing confusion and extreme anxiety when asked to describe them.

SCP-XXXX-B refers to a visual and auditory hallucination experienced by the SCP-XXXX-A's current reader, which will coincide with the subject's decision to stop reading, or temporarily disregard, SCP-XXXX-A, due either to inevtiable exasperation or external factors, as long as the subject believes themselves to be alone and has been sat at some form of table of working space. It has been described by test subjects as a cartoonish, anthropormophic robot standing at roughly 2 metres in height, whose likeness corresponds perfectly to the mascot referred to as 'Clanky' on the cover of SCP-XXXX-A as well as SCP-XXXX-A1; this character appears at various intervals throughout the first 95-100 pages of the textbook alongside advice relating to the topic of the section.
SCP-XXXX-B will appear, if spacially possible, within the direct line of sight of the reader, or otherwise in their immediate vicinity. They will then alert the subject to their presence with a common greeting in the user's first language and attempt to encourage the affected individual to persist in studying SCP-XXXX-A. This is always prefaced by some variation of the line "Are you struggling there, buddy?"
Subjects describe the characters' voice as distinctly male, youthful and 'plucky' in nature, but also possessing a grainy quality, reminiscent of poorly rendered digitalised audio. These interactions are highly repetitive and seem 'scripted' in nature in nature, making frequent use of multiple simple taglines along the lines of "If you don't give up, anything is possible!" and "Maths made fun is easy-peasy!". Besides questions regarding its own identity and the content of SCP-XXXX-A, SCP-XXXX-B is unresponsive to queries from the subject (See Experiment Log ).

SCP-XXXX-B will repeat said dialogue until a declination is made by the subject, vocally or physically, or SCP-XXXX-B has left the subject's direct line of sight, at which point all superficially anomalous properties will cease until SCP-XXXX-A is reopened by the same individual.
However, in ██% of documented cases the subject has obliged, despite obvious signs of extreme discomfort. It is hypothesised that the overwhelming majority of subjects have not consciously or willingly made the decision to comply, but are still fully aware of their actions as evidenced by clear signs of anxiety and distress. As such, it is difficult to ascertain the exact nature of the following events, as beyond this point affected individuals lose the ability to respond to cues from outside sources.

The subject will then return to reading SCP-XXXX-A and seemingly engage in a dialogue with SCP-XXXX-B identical to the entire script of SCP-XXXX-A1, a 28-minute and 17-second discussion in English or German with slang characteristic of the late 90's. Although adhering to SCP-XXXX-A1's script with complete accuracy regardless of linguistic background, affected individuals still non-vocally exhibit symptoms consistent with fear, such as trembling, excessive sweating and an increased heart rate.
Over this duration the subject will also scrawl a series of seemingly incoherent numbers and symbols on any nearby surface within arms' reach, usually paper of some kind; when a nearby practical writing implement is unavailable, subjects have been reported to use any and all nearby legible substitutes as replacements, even those which inflict severe harm upon the subject, which have included but have not been limited to: food, soot, blood of the subject or nearby animals, and fesces (see Discovery). Whilst these inscriptions may correspond to some form of written language, the highly destructive nature of SCP-XXXX's final effects renders a complex linguistic analysis between samples nearly impossible.

In approximately the last 30 seconds of this interaction, the affected individual begins to show signs of severe pain, typically clutching their head and writhing in a manner denoting extreme physical discomfort. Blood vessels in the subject's eyes and nose appear to rupture, inducing nosebleeds and a redenning of the scleras. In spite of this, the subject's interaction with SCP-XXXX-B remains cheery and upbeat, and completely in accordance with the proceedings of SCP-XXXX-A1.

, will shortly preceed a complete, high-pressure haemorhaging in all blood vessels in the posterior parietal cortex, ventrotemporal occipital cortex, and prefrontal cortex. This externally manifests as a high-pressure expulsion of blood and cerebral fluids from the nose, inner corners of the eyes, and left ear, which has resulted in the subject's expiration within a matter of seconds in all but one documented case (see Discovery).

Discovery:The first known instance of SCP-XXXX-A was brought to Foundation attention in 200█ , after a slew