TheCoreLord /A book of infinite one pages.
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Item #: SCP-4611

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4611 is to be contained in a lockable room that is 4 m (4.374 Yards) by 4 m (4.374 Yards) by 4 m (4.374 Yards) with casual lighting. SCP-4611 is to be in constant surveillance by one personnel and 2 specially trained guards. This room must have surveillance cameras in at least two corners in the room to prevent any information leaks about ███████. The room must contain a pedistul for the book, a table, and chair for reading.

Description: In appearance, SCP-4611 eerily resembles a book from the medieval ages. The pages of the book seem to be from the present age where there are no spots of yellowness or wear and tear. The books measurements seem to change over time while reading.

The books introductory page gets a blank first page like of most books. When you skim the page, depending on the reader, the page will either continue to be blank or get something in it. For most readers the second page possesses nothing in it but for the more rare instances the second page was demonstrated as a flower. All the pages of the book are separate. When you open the book on the second page, it is different to what people seen the first time they read the book.

The second page seems to be full of Chapters and where to recover them equally known as the Table of Contents. The Chapters don't seem to reserve names and don't seem to end. The furthest chapter number typically ends at chapter 157 and every chapter after this is named weirdly, but in some instances the chapters end after chapter 1. Some instances of remarkable chapters consist of Chapter of the undead, Chapter Foundation and Go Die (readers name here).

When you flip the book over and open it, you will be granted with burned pages and private writing. The writing says, "I finally made it, all the way to the end and if you make it to the end too I hope you came for what you were looking for." and when you finish reading you will notice there is another page. When you flip to that page you will find more writing saying " Oh no the pages keep going, please this needs to stop."After that and flipping to the following page you'll find writing written in blood saying "HELP" in big letters. It is unknown who or where this writing came from, but forensics says the writer is Dr.███████. Dr.███████ said he only knew of the book from when it appeared on his desk. See(Addendum-A)

All pages after these are different typically depending on the reader. The reason for containment represents the specific instance of information copying like having Foundation secrets in it and unknown languages un-translatable to human language. The reader seems to not stop reading the book till another person intervenes and closes the book. After closing the book the reader seems to be in distress for about 3 minutes. After the fact the reader is incapable to remember they were in distress.

Addendum 4611-A

Addendum 4611-B

Addendum 4611-C

Addendum 4611-D