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Item #: SCP-3874

Object Class Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3874 is to be stored in a Class 4 Anomalous Object Container guarder by fewer that one (1) armed personnel with Level 4 clearance when not undergoing testing. Item is to be removed from containment only with the written permission of personnel with Level 4 clearance or higher. If SCP-3874 is undergoing testing, SCP-3874 and a model of the North American version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (also known as the "SNES") will be transported to an empty test chamber approximately 5m in length and height.

SCP-3874 appears to be a standard 135x85x20mm video game cartridge with the logo "EarthBound" attached on the item designed by ███ inc. The item exhibits no unusual physical properties apart from the slight discolouration on the logo attached to SCP-3874 due to age and usage from the past owner.

If SCP-3874 is inserted inside an SNES, a black screen will appear followed by three company brand names. After these brand names, the screen will read "EARTHBOUND" and the trademarks on the bottom. Proceeding will bring the player(s) to the next screen where the player(s) are able to create or load any save files. The top of the screen will show a black rectangular box where you are able to create a save file or load a recent save file. If the player(s) are instructed to create a new save file, the player(s) are able to choose their preferred "text speed", "sound setting" and "frame flavour". When undergoing testing, player(s) must choose the first save file at all times. If the player(s) create a new save file, the player(s) will be instructed to name four (4) in-game characters, one (1) pet symbolizing a Canis lupus familiaris (also known as the "domestic dog"), one (1) favourite food item and one (1) favourite "thing".

If the player(s) have decided what the names of these 7 in-game objects will be, the "game" will begin. The player(s) will be introduced to a town described as "Onett". The player(s) will then be able to control the first character that they named in the naming menu. If the player(s) have a chance to "battle" an "enemy" in-game, an entity similar to the enemy the player(s) are fighting in-game will appear 2 meters away from SCP-3874's current position. These entities are hereby referred to as “SCP-3874-2”. Instances of SCP-3874-A have been reported to be very hostile and mobile. The only method of removing SCP-3874-2 from our dimension is to either "defeat" an enemy that resembles an instance of SCP-3874-2, or to "Run Away" from battle.

Document 3874-1-a: Partial log of entities that have been spawned by SCP-3874.

SCP-3874-2-1: A Corvus brachyrhynchos (commonly known as an "American Crow") wearing a pair of black sunglasses and a purple bowtie appeared mid-air. SCP-3874-2-1 has been reported to peck at the eyes and has attempted to steal any valuables (see file #3874-E). SCP-3874-2-1 shortly disappeared after the player defeated a "Spiteful Crow" in-game.

SCP-3874-2-2: A Serpentes (commonly known as a "snake") appeared in a spring coil-like position behind the player(s). SCP-3874-2-2 has been reported to bite and sometimes inflict poison. Subjects that have been inflicted are brought in for examination. SCP-3874-2-2 shortly disappeared after the player(s) defeated a "Coil Snake" in-game.

SCP-3874-2-3: This entity resembles a brown canine weighing around 30 kg, appearing in a threatening position. SCP-3874-2-3 shortly disappeared after the player(s) defeated a "Runaway Dog" in-game.

SCP-3874-2-4: This entity resembles a metal humanoid figure weighing around sixty-five (65) kg and five point five feet (5'5") in height. SCP-3874-2-4 is made out of tin and lead and their head is dominated by a black rectangle. SCP-3874-2-4 has a symbol printed on it's chest resembling four (4) shapes. SCP-3874-2-4 has tentacle-like appendages for arms similar to an animal in the cephalopod family. According to the game manual, this specimen is described as a "Starman Junior". SCP-3874-2-4's method of attacking it's victims is to either burn it's victims causing thermal burns or encasing it's victims in blocks of ice (see incident log 3874-A). SCP-3874-2-4 is capable of speech and can only interact with personnel with level 4 clearance or higher. SCP-3874-2-4 is to be kept in a 5m x 5m chamber constructed out of perlite boards at all times. Under no circumstances must SCP-3874-2-4 leave it's containment chamber.

Addendum #1: Interviewing SCP-3874-2-4

The following interview was conducted by Dr.█████.

Dr.█████: Greetings SCP-3874-2-4. I am Dr.█████ and I am here to ask a few questions.

SCP-3874-2-4: What is this place? Who are you?

Dr.█████: That is classified information. Tell me, what is your purpose?

SCP-3874-2-4: We were sent here by our master to eradicate this planet and all of the creatures that inhabit it!

Dr.█████: Who sent you here?

SCP-3874-2-4: The embodiment of evil itself, Master Giygas!

Dr.█████: Can you describe who Giygas is?

SCP-3874-2-4: We aren't sure what Master Giygas looks like. Nobody has ever seen him in person.

Dr.█████: So there's more of you?

SCP-3874-2-4: Yes, there are hundreds of us! Varying from Octobots to other types of Starmen!

Dr.█████: That's it for today. Thank you, SCP-3874-2-4.


Addendum #2: Discovery

SCP-3874 was discovered in █████████, Florida around █/█/95 due to reports of aggressive animals, humans and "moving plants". The SCP Foundation investigated the area and SCP-3874 was successfully recovered with no casualties.

Addendum #3: SCP-3874-2-4 incident

SCP-3874 was undergoing testing until the test subjects suddenly got interrupted by SCP-3874-2-4 in-game. SCP-3874-2-4 materialized behind the subjects with no warning and began to burn D-8499. D-8499 later died due to thermal burns. D-3992 attempted to escape the test chamber until SCP-3874-2-4 encased D-3992 inside a block of ice. D-3992 later died due to hypothermia. 5 MTF units stepped in and successfully stopped SCP-3874-2-4 from inflicting any more damage.

Addendum #4: All experiments are to be logged in file #3874-E.