File #3874-E
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All experiments performed on SCP-3874 are to be logged here. - Dr.██████

Experiment 3874-E-1

Name: Dr.█████ and Dr.██████ assisting.

Date: █/█/95

Procedure: D-class subject is to be placed in secured test chamber containing SCP-3874. The test chamber is to be observed via fireproof walls and bulletproof glass to adjacent control room and via audio and video recording devices. D-Class subject will be instructed to insert SCP-3874 into an SNES and report any anomalies.

Results: Subject D-3948 (Male, 36, Arson) is placed in the chamber and is told to insert SCP-3874 inside an SNES. Subject has been already informed about SCP-3874's nature. D-3948 refuses to follow Dr.██████'s orders. Subject was threatened to be terminated if subject did not comply. Subject follows Dr.██████'s orders and inserts SCP-3874 inside an SNES. Subject was instructed to choose the first save file. Subject does so and is now introduced to the first sequence of the game. Subject is told to wander around the are until he finds an enemy. Subject encounters a "Spiteful Crow" and proceeds to interact with it. SCP-3874-1 materialized next to D-3948 and attempts to assault D-3948. Subject attempts to fight SCP-3874-1. Subject realizes that he isn't inflicting any damage and attempts to battle the Spiteful Crow whilst SCP-3874-1 continues to assault D-3948. Subject successfully defeats the Spiteful Crow and SCP-3874-1 disappears.

Notes: During testing, we noticed that SCP-3874-1 was pecking at the pockets on the jumpsuit that D-3948 was wearing. We soon realized that SCP-3874-1 was attempting to steal valuables from D-3948. D-3948 wasn't carrying anything of value during testing, so if we're planning on doing any other tests on SCP-3874, we'll give the subjects some valuables like change and jewels before testing.