ideas for "SCP's":

1. Possessed toilet cabin:

physical description:

The creature has a countersunk body with long and separated limbs, in its tracing legs it has two fused fingers and in the front two pairs of fused fingers, in the rear end it has a small tail and in the front it has a small head and round without neck but easily differentiable from its torso, in this it has a large and long mouth without teeth covered by elastic lips, inside its mouth a tongue similar to a proboscis is hidden, said tongue has large dimensions, being its maximum extension of four meters (eight times larger than the body of the organism), its eyes are small and round, they are on greasy bulbs giving them a similar appearance to the eyes of the chameleons, their nose is large and humanoid similar to that of a man adult of masculine features, in the depths of this there is a series of wrinkles that extends to the upper part of the skull, its coloration is of a metallic grey-blue tone and in its ventral area, it shines a fleshy purple tone.

Behavior and characteristics:

Is a creature that lives inside a bathroom cabin, this organism attracts human beings imitating different types of voices (its degree of consciousness is unknown), when opening the cabin for the first time, it will close it violently and make a "shhh" sound ", then continue to incite those who pass near the cabin to open it, if it is opened a second time, the being will be totally undetectable if searched through organic sensors (through the senses of animals or humans, such as sight, smell, hearing, touch, etc.) or by mechanical sensors (cameras, pressure plates, velocimeters, etc.), the creature will chase the last person to open the door and remain in its place of residence, generally leaving external traces of their presence as broken objects, garbage and puddles with various bodily fluids, with the passage of about two or three days the humanoid will be established in the bathroom of the affected and when he tries to occupy it, the entity in It will protrude its long tongue through the host's anal cavity, this will produce an "infection" of unknown nature that is divided into four stages: The first stage consists mainly of a series of psychological changes that make it less predictable to the naked eye. These include mainly a positive mood change and a calm and relaxed voice, with a slightly acute and nasal tone that always sounds the same regardless of the physical and biological characteristics of those affected, they will stop paying attention to negative events, even if they put at risk their lives, in relation to this, their health will improve significantly, those affected will see in a neutral and disinterested attitude to other living beings, regardless of their degree of relationship, kinship or affectivity, assuming a rather confined and antisocial behavior, they will begin to feel an appetite for unusual things and reorganize all the furniture in their houses at a height of half a meter or less and begin to spread clothes around the place, the subject will also ignore his physical health and when someone asks about his condition, they will start talking positively about what is happening to them, trying to convince other people to get infected by the creature, this stage will conclude with an extreme muscular spasm in the face that gives the impression of a perpetual smile.in the second stage is when most of the physical changes begin to occur, initially the infected will completely shed their clothes and will progressively suffer the total loss of their genitals, lose their hair and their skin will begin to sprout a viscous substance, their body he will suffer a loss of general muscle tissue and his limbs will lengthen, by this point the affected one will move on four legs and will begin to manipulate objects extending his tongue, this stage ends when the affected person covers his body with a snotty substance, leaving wrapped in a "cocoon".Within the third stage, when leaving the "cocoon" the infected will have an indistinguishable aspect from each other regardless of their biological characteristics, their skin tone will turn a yellow gummy color, the shape of their torsos will remember that of the anurans (frogs and toads), with a prominent hump along their backs, their extensible heads will remain hidden inside a cap that is formed in the area of ​​the shoulder blades, when extended it will be possible to appreciate a similar aspect to an older man with his elongated skull and a grimace of unnatural joy, when turning them you can see a couple of rows of holes in the abdominal area that seem to work like trachea and the formation of a new organ of displacement similar to the foot of the gastropods (snails and slugs), their elongated and thin limbs still have some mobility and their pelvis begins to be born a tail. During this stage the infected also acts as a vector, although these beings are fragile, special caution is recommended with their quick and long tongues.in the fourth and last stage of the infection the subject will have a well-formed and defined shell in the area of ​​the shoulder blades, the rest of his back is segmented with a semi-hardened skin and extends to his now long and developed tail, his four limbs They have moved to the area inside the neck acting as a guard to protect the head, as this extends, you can see that it also has hardened skin remaining with a pair of round eyes separated with a protruding nose in the middle of the face, mouth it extends from side to side with marked gums and several rows of small chewing teeth, slightly covered by thick and long lips, its tongue becomes more complex being the main organ of communication, manipulation and contagion, its foot also has completed its development being now stronger allowing the infected to move with greater speed. In spite of having shells the infected ones continue without being very strong and if a human steps on them, it surely kills them.
The infected will begin to regurgitate part of the garbage that they consume near the creature, allowing them to eat, the infected members of the "colony" that are inside the first or second stage of infection will act as translators, for the humans that are in more advanced stages. In spite of only affecting humans, the infection can be contracted by other organisms acting as vectors.
Beyond the infectious capacities of the creature, it should also be noted that in case of destroying its habitat, it will automatically move to the nearest public bathroom or, failing that, a private one, no matter how much distance or objects it finds.

Containment and experimentation procedures:

Every two weeks the cleaning of his room is necessary, since SCP XXXX creates in a natural way a prolific environment for several species of fungi known and unknown to man (his own body possessing several spores) the personnel must enter with a protective suit closed and the assigned cleaning equipment, SCP XXXX is not hostile by nature, normally to prevent its escape from the bathroom cabin you should only warn the assigned staff not to open it, however it is also important to be careful with the cabin, If SCP XXXX feels threatened, it will automatically move to the nearest bathroom, easily mocking the safety of the installation and putting at risk all those who will occupy the bathrooms inside the facility, after a few months the deterioration caused by the mushrooms will leave the floor, ceiling and walls of his room in a weak state, during this period it simply shoots into the cabin causing the SCP XXXX moves to the cabin that is in a empty prison close to that of SCP XXXX (it is strictly forbidden to build a bathroom that is next to this pair), when SCP XXXX leaves the room it is disinfected and restored for its new use, this process is interspersed between both rooms.

In case of wanting to study SCP XXXX, the personnel must request authorization and obtain an isolated installation, free of any form of life and introduce a population of controlled humans to be infected, said facility where SCP XXXX must be introduced must have sufficient strength To support the deterioration caused by its fungi, the installation can not have windows, the door must remain hermetically sealed and the installation must have an internal supply of oxygen, during the stay of SCP XXX should avoid all contact between the infected and the external population, if some living being comes into contact with the infected, his body must be incinerated regardless of whether he is a human or member of the research, all observation must be done through cameras, never directly, the staff should not listen to the words spoken by the infected At the end of the experiment the oxygen supply inside the facility is closed, that causes the death of the infected, after sending a person to fumigate the remains for the prevention and destroy the cabins systematically located to guarantee their arrival in the prison.