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Item #: SCPX

Object Class#:

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation channels of influence are being tapped in order to encourage the artistic predilection of interrupted, angular geometries in architecture so as to minimize the size of SCPX instances. Comparative influences are being propagated in the use of mosaics and arabesques upon pre-existing structures. Agents embedded into localized urban subcultures are to generate graffiti upon offending advertisements on-sight.

Description: SCPX is the designation for a group of advertisements that spontaneously manifest in spaces previously unutilized for commercial marketing. Potential habitats for SCPX include both physical and digital negative spaces. Unsurprisingly, these advertisements house visual memetic agents that increase the desirability of the featured product or company.

Instances can be either static or dynamic, and appear most often in areas where the possibility of exposure is relatively high (highly-urban environments or websites with significant traffic). Mediums most commonly include building materials, but instances have been observed on the superficial layers of biological tissues, such as the skin and internal organs.1 Investigation regarding the origin and dissemination of SCPX persists.

Manifestation occurs via ill-understood means over the course of approximately twelve minutes, regardless of the size of the adverts or its location. Adverts can appear on parchment that is attached to surfaces2 or be directly on surfaces by means of paint, ink, etchings, or unexplained pigmentation of the native material. SCPX occupies digital spaces by incorporating itself into the source code and can adopt a multitude of known and unknown languages.

Attempts to efface the advertisements have been met with unexpected difficulties; physical instantiations are either indelible or anomalously affixed to the effected structure while digital ones do not respond to editing the code. SCPX instances can be removed from physical surfaces either by painting over the occupied space or demolishing the structure entirely. Both are considered temporary, as there is currently no known means to prevent SCPX's ongoing annexation of negative spaces.

Companies linked to the appearances of SCPX instances consistently deny knowledge of placement or contracting of the advertisements. (see table) Despite an easily recognizable motive, any tangible connection or evidence has yet to be established in a court of law3 The Foundation has inserted auditory and visual memetic components within the presentations of involved judicial practitioners to discourage the consideration that the etiology of the advertisements is suspiciously preternatural. The majority of cases resolve without official litigation, the most likely explanation considered to be the work of modern graffiti artists.

Instance Location Size Notes
193 Taj Mahal - Agra, India 39m x 39m An advert for a Japanese car manufacturer, etched into the structure by unknown means. The mausoleum has been coated with memetic nanotechnology to make the advert virtually undetectable and will need to be demolished for definite removal.4
320 www.██████.com5 200p x 250p An advert for consolidated financial solutions. Embedded code identified as XHTML. Attempts to remove are unsuccessful. Site's services not interrupted due to projected financial loss, advert remains.6
923 Target Import Warehouse - Savannah, Georgia, USA 27 square acres An advert for Wal-Mart. Was painted and appeared on the roof, which is the most identifiable structure from an aerial perspective in the region. Was painted over with significant cost and labor.
1023 PoI-XXXX-2 0.5m x 0.2m An advert for Cola-Cola remains tattooed upon the forehead of ██████ ████, now PoI-XXXX-2, a 9 year-old American boy. Complete removal would necessitate surgical excision and grafting, as the advert extends onto the subdermal and dural tissues. PoI-XXXX-2 denied the use of cosmetic tattooing.7 (see image)
2032 45°58′35.0″N 7°39′31.0″E ~692m x ~674m Advert for a purified, bottled water product, complete with dynamic images depicting overtly happy individuals hiking with the product prominently displayed in hands and being enjoyed. Corporealized in the presence of several onlooking hikers. The possibility that SCPX is "learning" to "target" certain demographics is now being investigated as a real concern.
2034 ███████████ 154p x 192p The first of several advertisements that appear upon digital documentation on the SCiPNET server and the database's files, including files up to Level 5 Security Clearance. Adverts combated with real-time suppression of algorithmic A.I.