Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The area containing SCP-XXXX has been surrounded with chains to prevent public access as well as signs to warn civilians. A screen has been placed around SCP-XXXX to prevent the public from seeing its high speed stream. The area surrounding SCP-XXXX is to be patrolled by Foundation personnel acting as beach lifeguards during the day and by armed police officers during the night. Any civilians attempting to enter SCP-XXXX’s containment area are to be told cover story XXXX-Alpha(See Addendum XXXX-C). Any civilians continuing to attempt to access the area may be arrested.

If a civilian trespasses beyond an agent’s reach the civilian is to be shot by sniper fire. To prevent the discovery of Foundation activities by the public a buoy carrying an explosive device floating one hundred and fifty(150) meters off coast should be detonated as a distraction. The trespasser should be removed from the site if possible but may if necessary be left for absorption by SCP-XXXX. If this protocol is ever necessary the Foundation is to publish cover story XXXX-Beta.(See Addendum XXXX-D)

Item given Euclid status due to its highly touristic location.


SCP-XXXX's containment area. Note the buoy in the top-right indicating SCP-XXXX's location.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a point in space located in a section of water in Fréjus(Côte d’azur, France). SCP-XXXX absorbs matter entering its right side(as observed from the shore) and ejects it from its left side. Matter entering SCP-XXXX is transformed into water before exiting. The method of transformation is unknown but hypothesized to be a form of (sub)atomic restructuring. SCP-XXXX draws matter from its surroundings including the area outside of its containment area. SCP-XXXX transforms water at an average flow rate of 500 m3/h, this creates a stream that is slightly noticeable on both sides.

SCP-XXXX is hypothesized to be a singularity similar in nature to that of a black hole. All attempts to measure SCP-XXXX have proved unsuccessful. At the moment SCP-XXXX is assumed to have a:

  • surface area of 0
  • diameter of 0
  • volume of 0

Signs surrounding SCP-XXXX's containment area.

The water exiting SCP-XXXX advances through several stages of contamination. The water exiting SCP-XXXX is pure dihydrogen monoxide but will in stages become contaminated with the materials found in regular sea water. The water will advance through the stages with single second intervals. This process continues if the water is extracted before the completion of its contamination. Contamination is sudden and anomalous as contaminants appear to materialise. Any hydrogen and oxygen contamination appears as water is generated. The order of contamination is as follows:

  1. Sodium
  2. Magnesium
  3. Sulphur
  4. Carbon
  5. Bromide
  6. Calcium
  7. Chlorine
  8. Potassium

No explanation for this order has been found. The list above contains the only materials that were observed to materialise. Other materials have been found including, but not limited to: Aluminium(1,9 ppm), Fluorine(1,4 ppm) and Bismuth(0.0002 ppm). These materials are present in low quantities, making their materialisation difficult to time.

Addendum XXXX-A Discovery:
On 6/8/2018 a missing person report was filed at the Fréjus Commissariat de Police. When police officers were dispached for an investigation SCP-XXXX was found. The French government contacted the SCP Foundation and on 7/8/2018 SCP investigations began. The officers have been administered amnestics. On 8/8/2018 a perimeter was built around SCP-XXXX. The origin of SCP-XXXX and the reason behind its manifestation is unknown. SCP-XXXX is still under observation and is being researched.

Addendum XXXX-B Testing log:

Test XXXX-1
Executing: Dr. Quinten
Object: Stone
Result: Object disappears upon reaching SCP-XXXX.

Test XXXX-2
Executing: Dr. Usten
Object: Office chair
Result: Object disappears upon reaching SCP-XXXX.
Notes: SCP-XXXX appears capable of processing larger items. Further testing needed for a conclusion.

Test XXXX-3
Executing: Dr. Quinten
Object: Intermodal container
Result: Object disappears upon reaching SCP-XXXX
Notes: SCP-XXXX is capable of absorbing large objects at a constant speed.

Test XXXX-4
Executing: Dr. Quinten
Object: D-26476
Result: Object screams and disappears upon reaching SCP-XXXX
Notes: SCP-XXXX is capable of absorbing living things as well. Dr. Quinten has been fired from the Foundation by the ethics committee and is awaiting verdict. Further testing on SCP-XXXX must be approved by Dr. Usten

Test XXXX-5
Executing: Dr. Usten
Object: None
Result The water exiting SCP-XXXX is perfectly average sea water.
Notes: A sample was taken to Dr. Usten's research station who analysed the sample and concluded the water contain the exact average concentrations of materials found in natural sea water. Dr. Usten wishes to test the water exiting SCP-XXXX directly whilst allowing it minimal contact with other water. This test was scheduled for later that day.

Test XXXX-6
Executing: Dr. Usten
Object: Stone
Result: In all seven(7) executions the water exiting SCP-XXXX advanced through nine(9) stages of contamination listed in the object's description.
Notes: A sample was taken robotically and was immediately put under observation. This test was repeated seven(7) times. During this test the speed of the water flow was also measured. During some executions a stone was thrown into SCP-XXXX, this did not change the water's composition.

Addendum XXXX-C Cover story Alpha:
Cover story XXXX-Alpha has been placed on signs surrounding the SCP-XXXX perimeter.

Cover story XXXX-Alpha

Any civilians trespassing must be informed that the water within the perimeter is too dangerous to swim in. Rocks have been placed inside of the perimeter to support this idea.

An extended version of this story has been placed on signs surrounding the perimeter.

Addendum XXXX-D Cover story XXXX-Beta:

Cover story XXXX-Beta

If the buoy is ever detonated the Foundation is to inform the French government. The French government must treat the detonation as a terrorist attack and take the expected actions.

Addendum XXXX-E Interview with Doctor Sigma Usten:

Interviewed: Dr. Sigma Usten

Interviewer: ████ ██████

Foreword: This interview contains explanation about test XXXX-3, XXXX-4 and SCP-XXXX's containment procedures.

<Begin Log>

████ ██████: First and foremost, what happened in test XXXX-4?

Dr. Sigma Usten: The testing started when Dr. Quinten threw a stone into SCP-XXXX, to our surprise the stone disappeared. He did it a few times to confirm what he was seeing. We all started looking at it, except for the D, he was tasked with putting some boxes here an there to prepare for some research. We were given a D for this reason, he was at the end of his month anyway so he wouldn't be doing anything flashy on some other site. Then i threw in the office chair, and it too got sucked into a point and completely disappeared.

████ ██████: If I may pause here it says here the next thing thrown into SCP-XXXX was an intermodal container. How exactly did you achieve this?

Dr. Sigma Usten: Ah, yes, the container. Dr. Quinten wanted to throw in something truly big, so he contacted some people, i don't know who, and the next thing you you know a cargo ship just arrives. He was being really secretive about what he was bringing. It was rather late at night so no one noticed anything, besides the ship wasn't that big. So the ship lowered the empty container into the water and it got pulled with the stream. SCP-XXXX folded the thing into itself as if it was a piece of paper at it vanished just like the rest did.

████ ██████: Thank you, please continue about test 4.

Dr. Sigma Usten: Of course, After the container test the D-Class we had was long done with his tasks. By protocol, nobody told the D anything about what we were doing. At one point however Dr. Quinten zips open the tent that was surrounding SCP-XXXX at the time and calls for the D. He, of course, followed Quinten, and so did we. We all stared at them as the D stood looking at SCP-XXXX in amazement. As we are all about to ask Quinten what he was doing he gave him a hard pat on his pack. It knocked him off his balance as he falls towards the high speed stream. And then he starts to scream. And then it stopped. We were all just looking at it wondering what we should do until agent James said: "Well then" and grabbed his handcuffs. You know what happened afterwards.

████ ██████: Yes, we do.

Dr. Sigma Usten: Is there anything else i can help you with?

████ ██████: The buoy.

Dr. Sigma Usten: <empty stare> What do you want to know?

████ ██████: Why?

Dr. Sigma Usten: The perimeter setup was rather hasty so we had to work with what we had.

████ ██████: Work with what you had? Agents on patrol, a sniper and a f██████ explosive buoy.

Dr. Sigma Usten: Yes.

████ ██████: Who gave you these explosives?

Dr. Sigma Usten: I did. I always carry explosives. You never know when you'll need them.

████ ██████: That aside, why was it deployed?

Dr. Sigma Usten: It was the best we had. The only thing we could do at the time, it just kind if stuck. We were already under pressure by the French government, they wanted for it to absolutely remain hidden, because it was in such a busy spot.

████ ██████: Okay, one last question; Do you have plans for permanent containment?

Dr. Sigma Usten: No, that would be impossible. Right now we've placed something over it to hide it and we start researching when everyone is gone, but that won't last. The French have given us some time after we called dibs but we can't permanently contain it. Right now we have to learn everything we can, we've been given a week, two at best. After that, we leave, the GOC takes over. They will be entrusted with neutralizing the thing.

████ ██████: Thank you doctor, that will be all.

<End Log>