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SCP-XXXX-A prior to containment

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All physical documentation regarding SCP-XXXX should be written by hand. No printed documents or blank stationery is allowed within 15m of either object.

SCP-XXXX-A and SCP-XXXX-B are to be kept in individual safes, separated from each other by a minimum of 15m. SCP-XXXX-A is to be fitted with a miniature GPS tracker. Each SCP-XXXX-B instance is to be read once only, and should be destroyed following the initiation of a Hemsöka event.

The containment chamber should be kept at 22°C ±2°C, and 35-55% relative humidity in order to prevent the premature degradation of SCP-XXXX-B manifestations.

Description: SCP-XXXX-A is an ordinary [REDACTED] brand gel pen. Bringing SCP-XXXX-A within 10m of some forms of stationery and other documents will cause handwritten text to manifest on the page(s), which will now be referred to as SCP-XXXX-B. After a period of exactly 3 minutes and 24 seconds the manifesting text will completely cover the document, regardless of the available surface area. During this period, the individual holding SCP-XXXX-A will enter a fugue state, retaining no memories of the event. Text or images which existed on SCP-XXXX-B prior to SCP-XXXX-A activation will be overwritten in this process. Testing has revealed if more than 30% of the documents contents are handwritten1 it will be completely unaffected by SCP-XXXX-A.2

SCP-XXXX-B will describe certain traits, personality quirks, interests and dislikes of an acquaintance of the wielder of SCP-XXXX-A, often in excessive detail. SCP-XXXX-B manifestations do not show any anomalous effects until read by a male individual between the ages of 14 and 28. An individual meeting these criteria who reads SCP-XXXX-B will initiate a Hemsöka event, described below.

SCP-XXXX-A, along with 37 instances of SCP-XXXX-B were originally recovered from a student house share in Bedfordshire, England. A string of sexual assaults which lead to anomalous pregnancies were linked back to James Wagner, a resident of the house. James was taken into foundation custody and questioned.

Two months later, an investigation was launched following the repeated manifestation of SCP-XXXX-B instances in the area. This investigation lead to the discovery of SCP-XXXX-A, sitting on top of a non-anomalous diary belonging to James Wagner.3