ThatGuyInTheCorner-The Care Tacker


Object class:Anti-Hero

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-XXXX should be contained inside a standard humanoid containment cell at all time's and allowed to have one television for entertainment purposes, while SCP-XXXX-1 is to be contained in a standard storage locker. At the event of a containment breach, all staff should be on high alert SCP-XXXX-1 is to be retrieved by two(2) security officers, and is to be brought to site director ████.[MODIFIED CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES] Due to SCP-XXXX's ability to always breach containment, and near impossibility to be seen, SCP-XXXX should be classified as self-containing. As long as SCP-XXXX follows the following set of rules, their won't be a problem.

  1. Don't release SCP information that's above any foundation staff clearance level.
  2. SCP-XXXX can't interrupt any test experiment taking place unless requested to attend.
  3. SCP-XXXX cannot leave site-14 unless there is an accident requiring an evacuation of the facility
  4. SCP-XXXX is allowed to use SCP-714 in the assistant of the containment of any infectious SCP
  5. SCP-XXXX must report to site director ████ once a day to prove he hasn't left
  6. SCP-XXXX is allowed to have free food at the on site cafeteria

Description: SCP-XXXX is an extremely intelligent 17-year-old Caucasian male wearing a brown hoodie, blue jeans, and never wears shoes. SCP-XXXX-1 refers to the device created by SCP-XXXX out of an old tape recorder and some devices that he created that he uses to turn invisible. During this state of invisibility, SCP-XXXX cannot be seen by any means what so ever. All through these wouldn't be grounds for SCP classification, SCP-XXXX has been given the SCP classification due to the fact that he is immune to any form of Cognition-hazardous/mind-altering effects.

SCP-XXXX doesn't harm any site member staff by any means but instead observes the site personnel and wonders around the facility without being seen due to him having the ability to turn invisible at will with the help of SCP-XXXX-1. At night SCP-XXXX goes around the facility claiming to clean stuff around the facility and "keeps an eye" on SCP's when site staff isn't taking good care of the facility (The reasons behind these actions aren't known). SCP-XXXX has the ability to "keep an eye" on most of the violent/cognition-hazardous SCP's at site-██ due to his ability to not be affected by any Cognition-hazardous effects and because of his ability to be invisible at will.

Although SCP-XXXX has little experience in fighting, he has full knowledge of human pressure points, and can avoid any attacks focused towards him: During SCP-XXXX third containment breach, Captain [DATA EXPUNGED] saw SCP-XXXX running down the hallway. When Captain [DATA EXPUNGED] tried to stop SCP-XXXX from escaping, SCP-XXXX incapacitated and knocked Captain [DATA EXPUNGED] on the floor in under seven(7) seconds.

Discovery:SCP-XXXX was discovered at site-██ by accident by Dr. Gear's when he left his car keys at the on site break room. When Dr. Gears entered the on site break room he saw SCP-XXXX cleaning off the counters and listening to music through a pair headphones. Apon seeing SCP-XXXX, Dr.Gear's froze in shock for six(6) seconds and noticed that he didn't catch SCP-XXXX's attention. Taking advantage of SCP-XXXX's unawareness of Dr. Gears presence, Dr. Gears calmly grabbed a bottle from the recycling bin and used the bottle to incapacitate SCP-XXXX. After incapacitating SCP-XXXX, Dr. Gears alerted site security who took SCP-XXXX to a containment cell for questioning which lead to site director █████ to get involved. During the interview SCP-XXXX claimed that he has been living at site-██ for 11 months without getting caught with a invisibility device he built (SCP-XXXX-1) and he has been using the air-vents to travel throughout the facility, and used the vent's to get his hands on documents that are restricted to personnel with level-4 access. Also SCP-XXXX claims that he has been able to survive in the facility by eating small amounts of food from the break rooms and sleeping in the air vents (SCP-XXXX refuses to tell the site manager where).

After the interview, site director-█████ didn't believe his story and confiscated SCP-XXXX-1, and sent SCP-XXXX to a standard humanoid containment cell to wait for his punishment. After 1 hour of discussion, site director-█████ decided to turn SCP-XXXX into a C-class for reckless behavior, reading restricted documents, and trespassing on Foundation property. When site director-█████ went to inform SCP-XXXX of his punishment, the cell that SCP-XXXX was locked in was completely empty with the door locked. After realization of SCP-XXXX's disappearance site director-█████ received information from site security informing him that SCP-XXXX-1 was stolen approximately 47 minutes ago with SCP-XXXX incapacitating the two(2) guards in charge of SCP-XXXX-1. After site director-█████ was informed, he declared a site wide man hunt searching for SCP-XXXX. After 15 minutes of searching SCP-XXXX was found sitting in a chair in the containment cell of SCP-012 waving at the security camera, somehow not effected by SCP-012's effects. By the time the guards reached the containment cell of SCP-012, SCP-XXXX was gone.
How did he escape if the door was still locked and the air-vent's weren't tampered with? I may have underestimated this kid -Dr. Gears

After three(3) months of the first sighting, he was later encountered again when Dr. Bright told site director-█████ that he saw a boy walk into the on site bathroom. After Dr. bright reported this to the site director, site director-█████ called all near by security to apprehend him in the bathroom. After the on site security apprehended SCP-XXXX, Dr. Bright noticed that SCP-XXXX was wearing SCP-714 and not showing any side-effects. Upon this observation Dr. Bright asked why he was wearing SCP-714. After Dr.Bright asked, SCP-XXXX responded with "I used it so I can interact with SCP-1424". After this Dr.Bright and the security team that apprehended SCP-XXXX escorted him to a medium humanoid containment cell, and confiscated SCP-XXXX-1 and SCP-714. Two(2) hours later after addressing this to site director-█████, and requesting to do test's with SCP-XXXX regarding mental endurance and to make an attempt to classify SCP-XXXX as an SCP. After the proposal was given to site director-█████, Dr. Bright was granted permission to run test's on SCP-XXXX, but was not allowed to give him SCP status, but was allowed to give SCP status to SCP-XXXX-1. Once Dr.Bright returned to tell SCP-XXXX what will happen, SCP-XXXX had somehow escaped again. After going over security footage, it shows that SCP-XXXX escaped by sharpening a quartar he had in his pocket to a flat point by rubbing it against the wall, and then using the sharp point of the quarter to unscrew the screws of the air vents to escape the containment cell. Also SCP-XXXX picked the lock of the locker that was holding SCP-XXXX-1 and retrieved it with out alarting the guards, and after SCP-XXXX retrieved SCP-XXXX-1 he promptly smiled and waved into the camera mouthing the words "Nice try boy's, but your gonna have to try a little bit harder then that, and tell Gears that I said hi." before activating SCP-XXXX-1 one and disappearing.
We need to find that kid, because this is the second sighting and we have yet to contain him both times -Dr. Bright

Addendum-32-7 Director's Thoughts:Look I'm going to be honest with you, SCP-XXXX can go/do what ever he wants, because he can get away with anything. Also the rules that I put in the document, there is no real way to enforce SCP-XXXX to follow them. You see, there is nothing keeping SCP-XXXX at site-██, he just refuses to leave, and the only way to properly contain him is to always have a firing squad 24/7, or put him in a concrete room that's two feet thick with no holes or seems, and with a 2,000 pound stone door as the only entrance. But these methods would result in his death and he has to be treated like an SCP. We have no Idea who he is, we have no idea why he is here, and we have no idea how he got here. All we know is that he can't be captured, he can't be seen, but he makes our lives a whole hell of a lot easier by cleaning up, and helping the containment of other SCPs. In the amount of time SCP-XXXX has been here, he has somehow learned everything about the foundation the SCPs, GoI's, Containment procedures, locations, and all the foundation personnel. Though even thought there was little concern from the 05-conicil, we have no contingency for when he does decide to leave the foundation or use his knowledge to crumble the foundation to the ground.