Object class: Safe

Special containment procedures: SCP-xxxx is to be contained in a standard Safe-class containment unit. SCP-xxxx is to be connected to a outdated version of the Macintosh, which is known as SCP-xxxx-1. SCP-xxxx does not seem to work on any other computer. SCP-xxxx is to be disconnected from SCP-xxxx-1 at all times. The only time SCP-xxxx is to be connected is during testing. The only circumstance SCP-xxxx can be released to scientists is to conduct an interview; as it has proven useful in interviews.

Description: SCP-xxxx is Mac brand of keyboard. When a sapient organism makes physical contact with SCP-xxxx, SCP-xxxx will immediately open a native search browser, and begin to type what a subject is thinking into the search bar. When the Enter key is hit the image of what the subject is imagining is shown on the screen; the clarity of the image matches the clarity in the subjects head. SCP-xxxx is not able to leave any lasting effects on the subject after this. SCP-xxxx-1 is resistant to viruses, or any type of hacking or memetic effects. Tracing back to SCP-xxxx-1 is impossible.

Interviewed: D-9876
Interviewer: Dr. ████

<Begin log>
Dr. ████: Good morning sir.
D-9876: Hey.
Dr. ████: Okay, so today we will be conducting an experiment.
D-9876: Fine, but will I get hurt?
Dr. ████: I doubt it.
Dr. ████: Please sit down in the chair, do not touch the keyboard in front of you.
D-9876: Ok
Dr. ████: Now think of the funnest family vacation of your life. Picture that image in your head.
D-9876: Yeah
Dr. ████: Now place your hands on the keyboard, do not move your hands.
D-9876: Ok
D-9876: Wait what?
SCP-xxxx: *Types into the search bar: D-9876 Vacation to Peru*
*An image is shown of D-9876 and his family in Peru*
Dr. ████: This is all part of the interview, you will not be hurt.
Dr. ████: You may now remove your hands from the keyboard.
D-9876: Ok, what the hell happened?
Dr. ████: All your questions will be answered later.
D-9876:*breathes heavily*, Yeah sure.
Dr. ████: Ok now think of your house.
Dr. ████: Place your hands on the keyboard
D-9876: Ok
D-9876: Dude, this is getting kind of weird.
SCP-xxxx: *Types into search bar: D-9876 house*
*An image is shown of D-9876's house*
Dr. ████: Ok, now this is the final question, and after you will be escorted back to your cell.
Dr. ████: Put your hands on the keyboard.
Dr. ████:Think of your daughter.
D-9876: You piece of crap!
SCP-xxxx: *Types into the search bar: D-9876 daughter*
*An image is shown of a grave*
D-9876: Now you went to far!
Dr. ████: Sit back down!
D-9876: *Tackles Dr. ████*
*Facility guards open fire on D-9876, killing him*
<End log>