The Blue Leaf
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Containement procedure: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in an standard containment safe the inside of wich is electrically insulated. The safe is to be placed in a room with single entry through a reinforced blast door. The room in wich SCP-XXXX is present should be guarded at all time. Access to SCP-XXXX can only be granted by the site manager. In the event that SCP-XXXX is lost, MTF Alpha-3 (''Bloodhounds'') should be dispatched immediattely to attempt it's recovery. It is essential that SCP-XXXX is not connected to any

Description: SCP-XXXX is a custom computer made up of :
One (1) ████████████ CPU (SCP-XXXX-1)
One (1) ████████████ Motherboard (SCP-XXXX-2)
One (1) ████████████ GPU (SCP-XXXX-3)
One (1) ████████████ RAM stick (SCP-XXXX-4)
One (1) ████████████ Power supply (SCP-XXXX-5)
Two (2) ████████████ Hard drives (SCP-XXXX-6) & (SCP-XXXX-7)

On their own, the conponents are inert, showing no signs of working when used with other non-anomalous parts. However when assembled, SCP-XXXX's affect is active.

Any machine and their conponents that physically interface with SCP-XXXX when it's "ON" switch is depressed is instantly rendered inert and cannot be further used in their previous employ. The effect persist indefitely after disconnection and can only be reversed by destroying the conponents.

Testing as shown no apparent limit to the range and variety of affected objects.

Following is a list the effect of SCP-XXXX on different objects :

Electrical wiring

Wires stops conducting current

A television

All conponents are rendered inert

A set of cogs

Cogs cease turning regardless of applied force

Addendum: Multiple tests have shown no limit to the effect of SCP-XXXX. It has been therefor theorised that SCP-XXXX could disable virtually anything if iterface was achieved.

It is imperative that SCP-XXXX is never connected to any national powergrids has it would potentially render the entire powergrid and all attached systems inoperational.

Due to it's potential capacity to render other SCPs inert, essentially disabeling them, a proposal to change SCP-XXXX's classification from ''Safe'' to ''Thaumiel'' as been submited.