The All Playing Player

Item#: SCP-3982

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-3982 is to be stored in a 1x1x1 meter glass box with a glass lid. SCP-3982 is to be connected to an independent ███ volt power grid to stay on and work properly.
(If the distributed volt is any lower, SCP-3982 will shut down and temporarily lose it's ability.)
All foundation personel is allowed inside SCP-3982 containment chamber, and allowed to play albums at any time on the day.


SCP-3982 is an older model LP Player of the brand █████. Commonly sold in 19██.
If cut off of power, SCP-3982 seems to have no extra-normal quantities.
However, if SCP-3982 is connected to any power grid higher than ███ Volt, SCP-3982 will continuely play the best hits from the year in which the inserted album was released.

(For instance: Insert '1984' by Van Halen, You can hear all the hits from different bands who released a hit in that year.)

SCP-3982 was discovered at the entrance of Site-██, where it was mysteriously left