The Android named "Robert" By: FishwithLegs

Item Number : SCP-XXXX

Object class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a modified standard humanoid containment cell without access to internet or computers except for the charging USB 3 type 3 port in the wall connected to an external power source that is to be turned on when SCP-XXXX needs to recharge. SCP-XXXX is to have no more than three hours ten minutes of therapy daily with Dr.Simon Glass. SCP-XXXX is to be led by one armed guard to and from the therapy sessions and interviews with other anomalies. SCP-XXXX is not allowed to go outside it's containment chamber without one armed guard with one stun baton.

Note: All personnel are allowed to go into SCP-XXXX's chamber and talk to it for no longer than ten minutes at a time.

Description : SCP-XXXX is a modified sapient, ███ brand android with a red luminescent eyes instead of blue eyes that ███ brand toys normally have. SCP-XXXX's hands are modified to be fully movable through anomalous means, and can crush with a force up to 900.10 newtons. SCP-XXXX has three USB 3 Type C ports, one for charging SCP-XXXX and two more for data interface. The object is able to move through it's two wheels on the bottom of the chassis. The object is 0.914 meters tall with a weight of 40.812 kilograms. Two speakers are near where the mouth area, presumably so SCP-XXXX and communicate with other entities, SCP-XXXX has been shown to be proficient fluent in over fifty languages with ten of them being undocumented by the foundation before containment. Subjects have stated that SCP-XXXX has a Canadian accent and is very talkative. SCP-XXXX has shown to be very adept at hacking into electronics that require code to operate and have a USB port. SCP-XXXX also seems to have the same mental state as a fourteen year old human male, further testing and psychological evaluation is needed to determine if this statement is true

The object has had extreme anger issues since before foundation acquisition, and has developed a form of depression since the foundation acquired SCP-XXXX on a raid on █████ headquarters on 12/█/20██. SCP-XXXX has an estimated thirty yottabytes of hard drive storage, while it is unknown how the item is coded, foundation hackers have not been able to break into the system before SCP-XXXX starts becoming extremely agitated. After incident SCP-XXXX-E, the subject was put into therapy with Dr.Simon Glass, for no more than three hours ten minutes a day at 11:30 AM.

Addendum SCP-XXXX-C : When asked about it's creators SCP-XXXX states, "sorry, but that bit of my memory is gone." and proceeds's to yell at researchers, "IF YOU ASK AGAIN I WILL GOUGE YOUR EYES OUT WITH A RUSTY SPOON! DO YOU HERE ME [EXPLETIVE EXPUNGED]!. After SCP-XXXX was calmed down it was sent to Dr. Glass for an emergency therapy session while Dr.Glass was in the middle of a session with Dr████.

Addendum SCP-XXXX-D : There are currently no means of accessing SCP-XXXX's internals, because as with most anomalous robotic entities in foundation containment, the external casing is invulnerable to external damage. Any attempt to access SCP-XXXX's internals with be met with termination from the project.

The following is a partial transcript of SCP-XXXX's thirtieth therapy session with Dr. Simon Glass

SCP-XXXX: Hey Glass, I got more [EXPLETIVE EXPUNGED] for you.

Dr. Simon Glass: Hello SCP-XXXX, lets get started then. Shall we?

Foreword: This is the the thirtieth mandatory therapy session between SCP-XXXX and Dr.
Simon Glass. SCP-XXXX seems to be in a state of distress from an unknown cause.

<Begin Log, 11:30 AM 9/██/20██>

DR. Glass: So, SCP-XXXX, have you been treated well during your stay at the foundation since you "moved" here?

SCP-XXXX: No, I hate it here. Nobody here lets me have fun, and my name isn't "SCP-XXXX"! IT'S ROBERT [EXPLETIVE EXPUNGED]! I just want to go home. I already can't leave or do my work and have fun so that's even worse. At least the guy that guards my room talks to me. But when people to talk to me, they only stay for ten minutes. You can't have a good conversation in ten minutes! I JUST WANT TO BURN THIS PLACE AND WATCH IT CRUMBLE. IT WOULD BE SO DAMN FUN TO WATCH YOU SICK BASTARDS BECOME MARSHMALLOWS!
Dr. Glass: Well you are going to be staying here for a long time, and after the mass breach you caused, I can see why no one lets you have fun. You are right to have the feeling's you have, you can't take it out on the foundation. Now last time you said you were having some sort of dream, what was that dream?

SCP-XXXX: I'm in my room, not at this godforsaken place but at my home in [REDACTED]. It was nice there, I got to have fun, and they let me move around in a wagon! But then everything was on fire and I wasn't able to put it out and save my friends. But then these shadow men came and pick me up and tortured me for hours on end. It just kept going until I woke up in my room. Alone. No to talk to. Just alone.
<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-XXXX's depression is seeming to get worse as time goes on in it's containment. Therapy session went one for two more hours without incident. Request to lengthen casual talking time from site staff to twenty minutes.