The Anonymous

Item #: SCP-3786

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
Any and all instances of SCP-3786 are to be contained within a 5x5 meter room or a room with brick walls (an electrical insulator) and a brick or plastic floor. Any personnel coming into contact with the SCP must be wearing Foundation certified electrical protection gear.

Note: All SCP-3786 instances must be kept in separate chambers.1

SCP-3786 appears to be a normal role of masking tape when unboxed, but once a person claps within a 4 metres, it unleashes an extremely powerful electric charge. This charge is capable of neutralizing all people within 5 metres, causing it to be a very dangerous weapon if utilised correctly.

This object first came to the Foundation's attention after ████████ airport was thrown into chaos as an electric charge caused an airplane to crash preparing to crash near the said airport. A terrorist group was found to be responsible, but an SCP-3786 instance survived the explosion and investigation teams discovered it's deadly secret. Foundation personnel eventually gained knowledge of this and the SCP was recovered while a Class B anaesthetic was administered to the investigators.

Addendum 3786-1: A label found on the recovered instance.

Zaptape™ by The Factory.
For all your zapping needs!

Addendum 3786-2: One of the Factory personnel responsible for designing SCP-3786 have handed themselves in to the foundation and have been interviewed.

Interviewer: So what is the SCP intended to be used for?
██████: Any situations that seem to require a little more, hmm… electricity.
Interviewer: Such as?
██████: Anything from combat situations to maybe starting a fire. It may be a device
used for evil, but hey! We just make it for the money.
Interviewer Has it ever come to your attention that this SCP has claimed many lives.
and that you are responsible for those deaths?
██████: Yes, I acknowledge that, and I will accept any punishment given to me.
Interviewer: I think that is all. Thank you for your time.