Scp-Man eating baguette

Class: Keter XK

Special Containment Procedures
The Baguette is to be stored in a plastic bread box in a airtight vacuum room 4x4x5 m room. If someone is to enter they must pass through a airlock with a airtight suit equipped with a oxygen tank. In case of containment breach is a D-personnel to be ordered to eat the baguette and stay in the room until it's repaired. Under no circumstances is the baguette to be exposed to air. By any means is the baguette to be kept out of air. The zone where the baguette is contained is to be locked with 5 airlocks from the exit.

The baguette is a seemingly normal loaf of bread baked with a French style. Even though it looks normal it is highly dangerous and could possibly end all life on earth if left unattended. The baguette will start to absorb all nearby living matter until there's nothing left to devour. Attempts to destroy the baguette has failed and consuming it causes the baguette to eat the person from the inside. The baguette can be cut to pieces but will reform in a unknown way. Tests have shown that a vacuum will completely cut of its abilities and make it containible. Dough it will constantly absorb any kind of matter, but it absorbs living matter with a 5000 times higher rate. This makes containment hard because the pressure constantly increases. This makes the containment break quickly. After 4 days is the baguette to be moved to another containment chamber using a portable vacuum.

The baguette eats all kind of living matter by breaking of atoms from the source, it does this slowly to everything that is in contact with the same air as it. This means if it breaks containment it slowly breaks down every living human or humanoid entity in contact with the same air. If a person has been exposed to the baguette for a long time they will slowly disappear and become transparent. They will show decreased intelligence, memory and physical capabilities. They will get hard to breathe and have extreme high chances of infection. The atoms will dough act as all atoms is in the same place and won't be pushed inward even if there's nothing there making the body whole no matter what. At early stages when only a few atoms has been taken the body can still heal.

When the baguette successfully absorb the same mass as itself it will create a duplicate next to it, this baguette has no anomalies and is just a normal loaf of bread. The baguette was found in France Paris. Ever since containment has the baguette increased its absorbing rate by 2000.

There has currently been created 894 loafs of bread. Request to serve the non anomaly bread in the cafeteria has been denied.