The Bog by Stoontly the critical failure of an author

Item #: ####

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A three (3) meter fence is to be placed around the perimeter of the north-western section of the ████ bog in ███████, surrounding no less than than 5 square kilometers of space. Public officials are to be told that a dig site is to be prepped and trespassing is forbidden. At least two (2) faux archaeology teams are to drive through an unfenced section of the bog twice a week, ensuring to be viewed by the public.

In the case of a breech of SCP-####-1, the specimen is to be escorted back to the fenced section and the fence is to be inspected for any weak points or holes. In case of public awareness of SCP-####-1, the specimen is to be passed off as a hoax perpetrated by residents of the area, only using amnesiacs when necessary.

Description: SCP-#### refers to an event that had occurred at the ████ bog in ███████, in some time in 19██. During this event, a portion of animals preserved in the bog had reanimated and risen through the layers of peat moss through unknown means. Reconstituted specimens, referred to as SCP-####-1, have a lower amount of grey matter and show severe damage to their bodies. However, more fragile organs, such as the eyes, are usually functional, if not undamaged, converse to typical organisms preserved in similar environments, suggesting the anomaly offers a limited regeneration factor to vital and sensory organs during SCP-####. SCP-####-1 specimens are unable to perform cellular mitosis. As such, any damage dealt to a specimen will not heal, making them especially susceptible to animals such as flies and mice that are able to swarm and eat a significant amount of matter in a relatively short amount of time. So far, no SCP-####-1 specimen has been found completely lacking vital organs, suggesting that SCP-#### did not take effect on any organism that would be unsuitable to resume living, and that the regeneration factor is unable to rebuild entire organs.

SCP-###-1 specimens resume behavior typical of regular organisms in such a habitat. Attempts to mate have also been observed, though no success at reproduction has been recorded.

███ human instances of SCP-####-1 have been observed in the bog. Of these ███, ██ are female ███ are male, and ██ were unable to be identified. Human instances will usually form small groups. Typically, they consist of five (5) to ten (10) members, being lead by a single specimen, usually a male. This specimen typically assumes a role similar to a tribal chief. The group will form hunting parties, and, using crude weaponry, bring back game1. Specimens have been shown to mostly eat raw meat, though some groups have been shown to attempt cooking meat before eating.

Isolated instances have also been observed. Some such instances have been cast out of their groups. In rare cases, some have been seen to act with extreme hostility to other instances of SCP-####-1, as well as to other humanoids. However, most isolated instances only wander without any discernible goal.

Addendum ####-A: Researcher ████ suggested video surveillance to be set up around the bog to more closely study SCP-####-1 instances' behavior. Her request was initially denied for safety and monetary reasons, though was later accepted after a similar feat was accomplished while studying SCP-████.

Observation Log

Addendum ####-B: Researcher ████ requested for the body of Subject 3 to be retrieved for further study. However, while her request was pending, the body went missing, and its chip had been found in ███████, █████ in a bird's nest, suggesting that the Subject was dismembered by either wild animals or other instances. Researcher ████ changed her request, instead asking for the immediate retrieval of any further occurrences of a dead instance. The latter request was accepted.