The book of Gale
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be keep in a bookshelf at site-██. It is not to be open unless approve by Dr. Carlson for testing purposes only. All Class D’s that come into contact with SCP-XXXX will go though intensive psychological evaluation to see how mentally unstable they are, if they are extremely psychologically broken they will be [DATA EXPUNGED]

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 6”X9” book with a white leather cover they says “The world of Gale. Book 1: The beginning of Verodi” on the top of the cover and a map of a non-existing country on the bottom part of the cover. The pages are purple and have a unknown language that we can’t decipher it. There is 1642 pages to the book and all pages have up to 500-700 characters of the unknown language.

SCP-XXXX properties appear when someone reads the book. The person who reads to book can understand the language and speak fluid in it. After reading about 2-5 pages of the book, the person start to hallucinate at this time. After 10-13 pages the person will not stop reading the book, even if it’s removed the book from hands or out of the person sight.

After 12-24 hours the person comes back from there pass out state and most people who come back are mentally unstable. Because of these, it’s hard to record what happens to them. What we do know is that they believe they went to a fantasy world that has these haft human, haft animal hybrids. Most of them are hostile to the person. While others are very friendly to the person.

Interviewed: Class D: 6781

Interviewer: Dr. Carlson

Foreword: We interview The Class D after he was cleared to be interviewed.

<Begin Log, 2:43 AM

Dr. Carlson: Hello there.

Class D: [says nothing but waved at Dr. Carlson

Dr. Carlson: Can you tell me about Gale

Class D: Gale! Gale is a terrible place to be at! It’s a world filled with these creepy animal humans!
Dr. Carlson: Right. Can you tell me some of them? The ones you have seen?
Class D: there where these cats, white fur, black eyes, really big claws, Oh god the claws!
Dr. Carlson: interesting…. can you tell me more? Any others you saw?
Class D: There was this tall dear people who was nice to me. Gave me a home for me. Them there were was these people who looked completely human at first, then they turn into these dragons humans. I ran so fast.
[starts to brake down after that.]

<End Log, 3:01 AM>

Closing Statement: The Class D was very upset from the experience. I hope that we can get more information about this place from him.