Item #: SCP-5181

Object Class:Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-5181 was to be kept in site 20 inside a cubic 1 meter thick
concreat wall surround with security camera and if any personel see SCP-5181 outside Containment
is to be reported to the site staff immediately.
SCP-5181 is restricted to personnel with at least Level 4 Clearance.further containment procedures are necessary.

Description:SCP-5181 is a boulder measuring (10.1 in) in diameter.
SCP-5181 have an ability to teleport to random location every 6 hours if a person touch the object it will immediately die due to unknown reason.
After a person touch SCP-5181 the object will stay inactive for 48 hours and will not kill anyone who touches it.
SCP-5181 cannot kill any animal like fish,bird,mammals,bugs,and other species of animal.
if SCP-5181 get touch by someone that was infected by other scp it will crumble and form SCP-5181-2 and will started to rampage for 3 hours and stay inactive for 24 hours.
SCP-5181-2 appear to be a 6 foot tall golem made of SCP-5181 rubble.
SCP-5181-2 will appear if SCP-5181 was touch by a human that was infected by other SCP
like SCP-217.
SCP-5181-2 can speak English Latin
but communication with the entitiy are rather difficult

Addendum 5181-1-Interview:

Interviewer: Dr. Lucy cellar
Interviewee: SCP-5181-2

<Begin Log>

Dr. Lucy: Good evening


SCP-5181-2: What do you want

Dr. Lucy: Do you mind if we ask you a few questions


Dr. Lucy: Soo why are you killing people?

SCP-5181-2: Food,Hunger

Dr. Lucy:Hmm intresting

Dr. Lucy: Then why dont you kill animal?

SCP-5181-2: They are innocent creatures unlike you humans are disgusting

Dr. Lucy: Then why do you eat us even though you know that we are disgusting creatures?

SCP-5181-2: To eliminate all of you until there are no more humans on this earth

Dr. Lucy: But why don't you eat the people who are already infected by other scp?

SCP-5181-2: They pissed me off.
They make me remember how humans made this world destroyed and corrupted

Dr. Lucy: So you really hate us

Dr. Lucy: I have little time left can I ask you one more thing

SCP-5181-2: What is it

Dr. Lucy: Why can you teleport

SCP-5181-2: Secret

SCP-5181-2: now GET OUT!

Dr. Lucy: Jeez okay okay i leave now bye

<End Log>
Shortly after the interview SCP-5181-2 begin to form back into its original form and will not stay inactive for 5 days

Addendum 5181-2-experiment log:A remote control robot was order to touch SCP-5181 nothing happend,End log.

Addendum 5181-3-Dicovery:SCP-5181 was discovered in at * after 10 person was found dead near SCP-5181. witness found say that the victim was touching SCP-5181 before they was found dead.
SCP-5181 was transferred to site 20 After the incident, End log.

Addendum 5181-4-experiment log:a D-class that was infected by SCP-217 was order to touch
SCP-5181 begin to crumble and form SCP-5181-2.
SCP-5818-2 started to rampage and destroy everything around it including the D-class inside
SCP-5181 Containment.
After 3 hours of SCP-5181-2 rampage the object begin to form into his original form
And will stay inactive for 24 hours, End log.

SCP-5181-2 has been interacting with SCP-217