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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All four of SCP-XXX's manifestation locations are to be contained using standard anonymous containment procedures. SCP-XXX is to be monitored by auditory recording equipment with initial MTF unit1 and backup MTF unit2 on standby at all times. In the event of manifestation, containment zone is to be secured and MTF dispatched. No personnel are allowed to enter SCP-XXX's containment zone during manifestation, unless otherwise authorized by the O5 council for testing purposes, until manifestation ceases.

If manifestation does not cease within twenty-four (24) hours or rises in volume, a standard decibel-suppression noise-cancelling speaker should be activated. All onsite staff are to be evacuated off site and briefed for mental evaluation3. If manifestation continues for more than seventy-two (72) hours or volume overpowers that of the noise-cancelling speaker, containment protocol SCP-XXX-1-6F is to be prepped and a D-Class personnel offered to SCP-XXX-14.

Should SCP-XXX-1A instance fail the trial, protocols should be enacted and a containment breach declared. If the trial is successful, protocols should cease and SCP-XXX-1A instance is to be terminated.

If Location B is breached, contact administration personnel immediately to initiate the following protocols: [REDACTED]. Site ██, ██, and ██ will be evacuated and a XK world ending scenario declared5.

Description: SCP-XXX is a small wooden bridge, six and a half (6.5) feet in length, four (4) feet in width, with an iron stake on each corner, and consisting of spruce wood, located over a small creek-like stream. SCP-XXX exists in four different locations simultaneously in ██████, NY, ███████, MB, █████ █████, LA, and █████ ████, IN, designated Locations A, B, C and D respectively. If physical contact is made with SCP-XXX (i.e a subject walks over SCP-XXX and applies their weight), it will effect all other instances.

SCP-XXX will switch between active and inactive states at irregular intervals, currently recorded to be anywhere from two (2) minutes and twenty-seven (27) seconds to nineteen (19) minutes and forty-four (44) seconds. While inactive, SCP-XXX appears superannuated, the item's boards bent and cracked with active signs of decay, as if discarded for many years. While active, SCP-XXX appears almost immaculate and is in excellent condition besides small signs of decay. Mild dendrochronological studies show that SCP-XXX's active and inactive states do not vary between instances and, other than their location, are identical in not only appearance but additionally in age. Active instances have been recorded to be approximately twenty-four (24) years of age while inactive instances have been recorded to be approximately one hundred and thirteen (113) years of age.

At any time, SCP-XXX can manifest upon an active instance of itself emitting a soothing auditory wail to lure victims closers. Victims are not compelled to approach SCP-XXX as those who do claim to have no compulsive desire to do so and consciously choose to investigate the noise. Once the victim approaches SCP-XXX, SCP-XXX-1 will manifest.

SCP-XXX-1 is a large, predatory organism with an elongated shell and multiple tentacle-like appendages. SCP-XXX-1's existence is entirely dependent on SCP-XXX. SCP-XXX-1 hides nearby SCP-XXX while SCP-XXX is manifested, utilizing it's shell to camouflage with the environment. SCP-XXX-1's shell can be morphed at will and can change colors, imitate textures, and even morph to produce different objects and shapes to achieve a form of incognito.

When a victim is near SCP-XXX, SCP-XXX-1 will wrap it's appendages around the subject and drag them underneath SCP-XXX. Once the victim is captured they are designated SCP-XXX-1A. SCP-XXX-1 will proceed to conduct a "trial" procedure on SCP-XXX-1A where it [REDACTED] with [REDACTED]. The [REDACTED] to [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] to the subject's [REDACTED] or [REDACTED]. There is no way to disrupt this event.

If SCP-XXX-1A's trial is a success, SCP-XXX-1 will "imprint" the subject via a soft bite to the cranium. A pair of oral mandibles located near the upper jaw inside of SCP-XXX-1's mouth produce an electromagnetic field upon contact which during imprinting will distort mental consciousness of SCP-XXX-1A, effectively brainwashing the subject. Subjects imprinted by SCP-XXX-1 can be identified by a signature bite mark on the subject's cheek, chin or lip produced during imprinting by a pair of human-like teeth in SCP-XXX-1's lower jaw.

Once imprinted, SCP-XXX-1A will proceed to seek out nearby humans to [REDACTED]. Due to the lack of [REDACTED], of which is more prominent in SCP-XXX-1, there are some physical restraints to this process. However, SCP-XXX-1A instances have abnormally increased strength during [REDACTED] a subject. Subjects attacked by SCP-XXX-1A instances have been recorded physically uninjured though incredibly [REDACTED]. Subjects are paralyzed after attack and have their right ankle crippled by unknown means. SCP-XXX-1A will proceed to seek other humans to [REDACTED] until expiration.

If SCP-XXX-1A's trial is a failure, SCP-XXX-1A [REDACTED], both [REDACTED], are [REDACTED]. SCP-XXX-1A's [REDACTED] causing [REDACTED] and immediate expiration. Upon failure SCP-XXX's manifested instance will become inactive, causing SCP-XXX-1 to seek out an active instance of SCP-XXX. If there is no active instance available, SCP-XXX-1 will go into a "hibernation" state until there is an active instance available. During a "trial fail" state, SCP-XXX-1 will take the "best route" towards an active instance of SCP-XXX and is notably docile with one exception: any action towards SCP-XXX-1 which directly interferes with its route will cause SCP-XXX-1 to become extremely aggressive and [DATA EXPUNGED] resolve the conflicting obstacle by any means necessary. This behavior can be mildly hindered with a combination of amnestics and sedatives, but testing has proven this to be a precautionary action at best.