The Cyst Carriers

Item #: XXXX


Object Class: Euclid (Awaiting keter classification by O5 council)

Special containment procedures: SCP-XXXX-1,-2,-3,-4,-5 are to be contained in a 30x30 Gold Chamber. Access to it’s Containment requires level 3 cards or higher. 3 guards minimum, are to be guarding containment at all times to lower risk of breach.
Any personnel contained with cysts from any of the SCP-XXXX are to be terminated immediately. A firing squad will be sent over to help re-contain them. The re-containment process is to be changed immediately, should SCP-XXXX breach containment. Termination of SCP-XXXX is currently in progress.

Description: SCP-XXXX are Humanoid reptilians with a crest, first discovered in Saudi Arabia. There are yellow cysts on its back that into eggs when touched. These cysts will grow on said victim, causing death within 2 days. The blood of it has been proven anomalous, as they can Echolocation. cause the cysts too. SCP-XXXX do not have eyes, but instead use
SCP-XXXX are vicious, and bloodthirsty predators, and will attack without warning. Upon death of any of these specimens, their bodies will grow into new specimen. They radiate heat, before giving cysts, enough to cause 2nd or 3rd degree burns of the skin. When the cysts hatch, the victim will die. those around it for 10 minutes experience hallucinations and a urge to touch it.

SCP-XXXX Shows mild sapience, and is not easily fooled.