The Dangerous Soap Bar

Item # SCP - 500- J

Object Class Euclid

Special Containment Procedures SCP-500-J is strictly NOT to be touched. That's it.

Description SCP-500-J is a old timey soap bar from the 40's or 50's.It's size is 3 inches long,2 inches high,1 inch wide. Upon touching SCP-500-J will emit an acid like burn going through the hand or body part it is touched with and will burn the individual who came in contact with SCP-500-J. SCP-500-J has a vanilla like smell and a bubbly like out burst that looks like lava.SCP-500-J was found in ███████,█████████ in a █████ █████ sitting in the locker rooms near the showers.

"I swear to fucking god. It's a fucking radiated SOAP BAR found in a █████ █████. No wonder it kills people. It's not acid! It's radiation. Besides it was the effect of the ███████ Disater in a █████ █████ Locker Room. It exploded right in it's Non-Human face!"Dr.███████ complained.

"Well I do gotta give credit to Dr.██████ for saying this.But he overreacts over everything." Dr.Gears replies.