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Item #: SCP-3416

Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3416 is to be contained in an 8m x 8m containment chamber with no lighting fixtures and reinforced doors. The walls are to be covered in solid matte black paint to prevent any reflection of light. There are to be four infrared camera installed in the corners . The entrance to the chamber is to have two non-windowed, reinforced doors 4 meters apart to serve as an airlock to prevent any light from entering. Should the chamber of SCP-3416 receive light, the area is to be locked down. SCP-3416 will occasionally request items. Upon request, the requested items are to be reviewed by a level-4 staff before being provided. SCP-3416 is not to be provide with any sharp objects and all items are to be removed from the chamber during testing. Access to the containment chamber is only to be allowed with permission from at least one member of level-4 personnel.

Description: SCP-3416 is a humanoid entity. It has four arms and two legs, each of them is abnormally long compared to that of an average human. It is approximately 2.5 meters tall. It also possesses greater physical strength than humans. It has two personality states. when exposed to light in the visible spectrum, it's extremely hostile towards all living beings within 3 meters or its line of sight. When not exposed to light in the visible spectrum, it is docile and shows no hostility. It is capable of speech and has spoken multiple times. SCP-3416 in one of its states appears to be unaware of any of its behavior while it's in its other state (see Interview 3416-a and Interview 3416-b).