(Gothel) The Dragon that Never Was(WIP)
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept within a 3 x 3 x 3m enclosure resembling the tropical environment of Indonesia with all vegetation being made of artificial, incombustible material. All walls of the enclosure are to be made concrete reinforced with steel rebar, with four sprinkler systems as well as two emergency fire extinguishers to be maintained inside and outside the enclosure at all times. SCP-XXXX should be observed by two guards for roughly twelve hours a day, with surveillance cameras watching SCP-XXXX during for the remaining twelve. SCP-XXXX is to be fed roughly 100kg of meat once every three-to-four days, or five-to-seven days depending on behavior. A large sun-lamp one meter in diameter is to be turned on at all times to allow SCP-XXXX to warm itself. Staff members conducting tests must wear the standard issue flame retardant attire. All tests done with SCP-XXXX are to take place inside fire-proof testing chambers.

SCP-XXXX has displayed rudimentary fundamentals regarding flight, as shown during its initial capture, see Recovery Log. SCP-XXXX was observed being able to keep itself in the air for roughly four seconds before falling to the ground. The creature does this by first running from the furthest point of its enclosure for roughly three seconds, after which it will push off from the ground using its hind-legs while making a flapping motion with its forearms. The creature will often do this during the high point of noon, after which it will stop and return to its spot under the sunlamp for roughly four hours. This is considered normal and guards are to report any variation in this behavior to department head.

Feeding SCP-XXXX should be carried out by two D-Class personnel wearing protective fire-proof suits. It has been observed that while SCP-XXXX regards most individuals with indifference during feeding, if it has been too long since its last meal, the creature will become more aggressive towards those feeding it, necessitating the need for D-Class personnel. See Incident Log KD-XXXX-02 for more information.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a member of the species Varanus Komodensis, also known as the Komodo Dragon. Specimen is roughly 95kg in weight and roughly 3.4 meters in length coronally with a black pigmentation. The Specimen appears to be moderately intelligent, being able to solve simple puzzles to receive food. It has also been shown to remember certain individuals based on their interactions with SCP-XXXX. The creature has shown to gravitate towards the Eastern wall of its enclosure during times of the day when the sun zenith. The reason for this behavior is currently unknown.

Recovery log:
Specimen was discovered on the Western coastline of the East Nusa Tengarra, Indonesia, 05/01/17. Specimen was discovered by locals near a coastal village just south of ███████████. Agents embedded in local police departments were dispatched when word of a "Fire-breathing Komodo Dragon" had arrived by members of this village. When agents arrived on the scene, SCP-XXXX was found levitating a few meters in the air and holding a civilian in its mouth by the ankle. Agents were able to remove the civilian from SCP-XXXX's mouth and cornered it before a Recovery Team, under the guise of being with the Indonesian Government, arrived. Specimen was shot with tranquilizing darts fired from long distance, as it was observed during the capture that SCP-XXXX could in fact breath fire, and did so without hesitation. Once SCP-XXXX was rendered unconscious Class-C Amnesiacs were given to civilians and members of the local police department, and SCP-XXXX was taken to Site-19 soon after.

Testing Log-XXXX-01

Research Personnel: Dr. G., and Dr. ████████
Creature: SCP-XXXX
Procedure: SCP-XXXX was taken into a fire-proof testing chamber to test the upper limit of SCP-XXXX's fire-breathing capabilities. SCP-XXXX was introduce to two D-Class subjects (D-42771 and D-98343) with appropriate fire prevention equipment and flame retardant attire. Behind D-Class subjects is one tray of approximately 60kg of raw beef that is out of view of SCP-XXXX.
Result: SCP-XXXX remains indifferent towards D-Class subjects for approximately two minutes before SCP-XXXX picks up on the scent of the raw meat. SCP-XXXX turns its attention toward D-42771 and begins to approach. Subjects are approximately 10m away from SCP-XXXX. D-42771 is hesitant to remain in place, but is ordered to obstruct SCP-XXXX from getting to the meat. D-42771 remains in place, but becomes distressed as SCP-XXXX comes closer. At about 6m away, SCP-XXXX begins to hiss and begins to push off from the ground with its forearms, flapping them aggressively. D-98343 is ordered to move 1m closer to SCP-XXXX. D-98343 does so slowly, stopping as instructed. It should be noted that SCP-XXXX has turned its attention toward D-98343 and is flapping its forearms more aggressively then before. Subject D-98353 has been ordered to ready her fire prevention equipment (one standard fire extinguisher) and to point it at SCP-XXXX. Hissing has become higher pitched with SCP-XXXX wiggling its body in a wave-like motion. Subject is ordered to approach 1m closer.

At approximately 4m apart, a greyish smoke begins to smolder from SCP-XXXX's nostrils and mouth. After one minute and thirty seconds, XXXX pulls its head back, seems to take in a deep breath, then bows its head forward - producing an orange-red flame in a tight conical formation towards D-98343. Instruments placed within the chamber pick up on the heat spike growing in SCP-XXXX's abdomen just before it produced this flame, with temperature reading between 300-400 degrees Celsius. The spout does not directly touch D-98343, who is visibly stunned by this sudden display. D-98343's flame retardant suit was only built to protect approximately 200-230 degrees Celsius, but since the fire has not directly touched D-98343, the subject's suit is holding up fairly well. D-98343 is ordered to pull back and use the fire extinguisher. Subject attempts to do so but fumbles with the cylinder, causing it to slip out of subject's hands and roll off to the side. D-42771 moves in and grabs the extinguisher and attempts to use it on XXXX.

SCP-XXXX halts its aggressive actions on D-98343 and instead turns to D-42771, falling back to a quadrupedal state as it starts moving closer to D-42771, possibly realizing that D-98343 was out of range. It should be noted that a strange orange liquid is dripping from XXXX's mouth, continuing to burn after it has touched the ground.