Dr. Duck

Scp-The Final Boss

Class: Safe / Thaumiel

Special containment procedures
The game is to be contained in a locker 1x1x1 m with level 2 clearance access. The game is accepted to be used actively for getting more rewards for the foundation to use. If the game is used without permission is the person to be denied any kind of weapons of any kind. Neither any help. This is much easier and economic for the foundation than termination and disciplinary action. They will also learn a valuable lesson. During containment breach is the rewards to be locked in or given to personnel in need.

The Scp is a game cassette for a “game boy” with the name Animal kingdom. There is no manufacturer and it's the only existing known copy. The game is about to fight different animals to gain rewards. It consists of 32 different levels. Though it's anomaly abilities appear on the last level where you fight the Guard Goose. When reaching the level a text will be displayed in front of the player saying prepare for battle as a holographic message. It will then count down from 5. When the timer stops the Guard Goose will spawn in the room and the player must fight it in the real life using weapons. Above the goose there is a health bar which indicates its current health. The Guard Goose seems to be resistant to guns, fire, acid and ballistic weapons. The most effective way to win is using hand held weapons. If fighting the Guard Goose you are to go to the nearest open area. This does not mean you're allowed in the kitchen. The level has currently been saved so when you start the game you begin on level 31.

The Guard Goose is 1.6m (5,25 feet) tall and will only attack the player who reach the last level and will disappear when the player gives up or when is unconscious. A text will be displayed saying “Game over” and the Guard Goose will disappear. The player will also have a holographic text on its back saying loser for 24 hours. If you win over the Guard Goose it will explode into light and leave a reward on the spot. The reward is most often a edible egg with healing capabilities and a small goose shaped trophy. Though if the player wins over the Guard Goose without getting hurt the reward will be a Goose controlling flute witch makes the user capable of giving commands to Geese who hear it. It doesn't affect the Guard Goose.

There's no way to cheat the system by placing traps or barricades because the Guard Goose will pass through any matter if it completely blocks it's path to the player or is meant to stop it. The goose will use the following attacks to attack the player.

Rush: sprints towards the player with its beak.

Taunt: will honk loudly and make the players vision blurry for a couple seconds. This oddly enough only affect the player.

Block: will use its wings to block any attack from the front.

Peck: will rapidly peck the player.

Heal: if any food is present it will eat it (not if it's any kind of bird) and gain health.

Sneak attack: will pass through any matter where the player can't see trough to ambush the player. If no such place is available it will turn semi transparent and try to attack from behind.

Any personnel with clearance 2 is allowed to use the game if requested because it only affects the individual and gives a valuable reward. If a goose flute is rewarded it is to be given to security to equip MTF teams with it.

The cassette was first found in The United States, Denver. A report came in from a kid saying he was attacked by a goose from his game. The report was ignored but the child proceeded to go to a local police station and prove it was real. When reaching The Final Boss the Guard Goose spawned inside the police station and started attacking the kid. The police tried to get the goose away from the kid but with no result else than it passing trough them. They started to beat the goose until it was down and disappeared. Leaving a red egg behind. The police reported the situation and the foundation was contacted. The game was retrieved at the police station and all wittiness where given amnestics. The kid didn't suffer any injuries.


Unacceptable use 001
You can't give the game to a researcher with no knowledge about its anomalous properties. That means your not allowed to challenge them, compete with them or threaten them to play the game. If this kind of unacceptable use or similar use is seen again we will have to restrict the access to it.
Dr. Duck