The First Film Ever

Item #: 4142
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: Because of the memetic hazards of SCP 4142, SCP 4142 should be kept in a standard containment locker, with standard memetic hazard containment procedures present. Signed approval of at least 2 level-4 foundation members is needed for access to SCP 4142. Once a week and during “awakening” events, SCP 4142 is to be player twice with an audience of at least three staff members, and then is to be placed back in its containment chamber.
Description: SCP 4142 is a recording device, changing to fit whatever is present. SCP 4142 has been known to take the form of a CD, DVD, USB drive, roll of film, and blu-ray tape. SCP 4142 in its standard form will read “The First Ever Film”, however if it goes a period of time without being played (usually around 1 month), SCP 4142 will take on different titles, generally what is most interesting to nearby viewers. How SCP 4142 knows what nearby people want to watch, as well as the ability to transform are as of yet understood, however the transformation between forms and descriptive titles will be instantaneous. SCP 4142 will seemingly become more and more “impatient” as time goes by, eventually replacing objects being carried with itself, and placing itself directly inside of video players, however it seems to need at least minimal human assistance to begin playing. For example, it will only insert itself into CD players halfway, requiring being pushed inside of the player to begin. When played, SCP 4142 when played shows a film in black and white no sound played of Charlie Chaplin walking across a busy street. When viewed multiple times, SCP 4142 takes on new audio and visual effects. SCP 4142 will continually loop, and as such must be manually stopped to cancel SCP 4142 from looping. SCP 4142 will display notably random events past the fifth loop, such as people running faster in the background, Charlie Chaplin will kiss passerbys, and children will begin running from their mothers. Starting from the fifth instance and so forth, recordings will become violent in random forms, with self mutilation being frequent. Mothers will begin trading and eating others infants, gun fights will start over disputes, cars will attempt to crash into people and buildings and animals will begin consuming the dead. Invariably, Charlie Chaplin will remain unharmed and by the 30th loop will act completely oblivious to surroundings, continuing to walk from one end of the screen to the other. By the 35th loop SCP 4142 will begin to affect surroundings. SCP 4142 instances will notice that they are being viewed, and will stare at watching participants blankly during this time period. By the 40th loop, SCP 4142 will stop displaying Charlie Chaplin on screen, and instances of SCP 4142 will begin to spawn. SCP 4142 instances, hereby recorded as 4142-1, are normal humans dressed in garb similar to fashion of the 1900’s. SCP 4142-1 instances are noticeably violent, and seem to flicker as if they were being displayed by a television. SCP 4142-1 instances are for all matters normal humans, and normal violent means will terminate them. SCP 4142-1 instances will spawn at higher and higher frequencies as SCP 4142 is played, and for this reason SCP 4142 has never been played past the 50th loop. During the final known loops, the room displaying SCP 4142 will continuously disintegrate, and SCP 4142 instances will become increasingly more deformed, having features of their bodies out of position or proportion, such as eyes too far apart or multiple fingers. It is assumed that deforming will continue to increase, however it is impossible to know for certain as SCP 4142-1 instances pose too much of a threat to continue playing without risking a containment breach. Because of the anomalous abilities of SCP 4142, as well as the potential for a K-class end of the world scenario suggested that SCP 4142 is allowed to play continuously without pause or cancellation, it is requested of the 0-5 council that this SCP be upgraded to Euclid class.
Request: Denied.