fully automated re-creation

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Fully Automated Recreation

The man woke in the cold, liquid draining from around him. He gasped as he felt air touch his uncovered skin, and coughed as he took in a mouthful of goop. He leaned forward, almost blind, and rested his head on a surface in front of him. He peered through bleary, gunky eyes, and saw he was in some kind of capsule, with a frosted glass window. Outside, he could see faint red lights flashing, and hear a faint siren. The front of the capsule suddenly lifted, and he fell to his knees on a cold floor, gasping for air. He rolled over onto his back, looking at the metal ceiling.
"Who… who am I?" He asked the room. Naturally, there was no response. "What's my name? Where am I?"
He struggled to remember, but it felt almost like memory was just out of reach. He could remember how to talk, so obviously he'd gone to school, but he couldn't even remember his own name. How could he remember what a school was, but not his own birthday? He sat up slowly, glancing around the room, and he noticed something inscribed on the capsule. He got to his feet, and looked closer.
"F… A… R. What is FAR?"
As he said this, a panel on the wall to his left whirred, and lifted, revealing a rack of white jumpsuits, with one missing. He stared at them, before going over and picking one up. On a tag on the chest of the jumsuit was a single name.
"Sam Corwin," Was that his name? It felt familiar. He pulled on the jumpsuit, and was surprised to find it a perfect fit. In the bottom of the cupboard with the jumpsuits was a box with a fingerprint scanner. He reached for it, but jerked back when a loud blare echoed over the sirens.
"Emergency: Atmospheric reentry in t-minus six hours. Boosters and shields offline. All personnel abandon station," a robotic voice said over the speakers.
Sam looked around frantically. Six hours to abandon station? That was barely any time, and he didn't even know how to get out! As he glanced around, a hole opened beneath the capsule, and it dropped away. The hole sealed back up, and another capsule pops into place from above. Through the frosted glass window, he could see the outline of a person. He stared at it for a moment, before shaking himself and rushing to the door, slamming his hand on the button next to it, and dashing through it as it opened.

The hallway outside was deserted, and there were more alarms blaring.