The Governing Clock

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As per the nature of SCP-XXXX, It is to be placed inside a 1-meter thick rectangular container with four sides measuring 15 meters in length and height, and two sides measuring 10 meters in length, and 15 meters in height. The container is to be composed of a specialized metallic alloy able to withstand most explosive blasts, penetrations, and heats of ████ degrees celsius. SCP-XXXX is to be transported, and relocated, via cargo plane piloted remotely to one of the designated sites, ██, ██, ██, ██, or ██, on a six-hour basis.

If planned to be in daylight, SCP-XXXX is to be situated inside a 5-meter thick cube with an internal electromagnetic system, sides measuring 50 meters in both length and height, composed of a blended composition of a specialized alloy reinforced with specialized thermal insulators designed to effectively withstand heats of well over 10 million degrees celsius at Site-██.

[Unless needed, and/or approved of, SCP-XXXX is not to be situated in a spot where the planet's surface is in daylight.]

Description: The appearance of SCP-XXXX is that of a hollow clock with nothing visible but a bronze composition showing twelve numbers in the roman numerical style surrounding the center, a golden halo with a diameter measuring 10 meters encompassing the numbers, and two intricate arrows designating the time. It has two small rotary sticks protruding at the back that allows for manual adjustment, each of which has been confirmed to respectively allow adjustment for either specifically date, or time.

The behavior of SCP-XXXX, confirmed with collected data, has an effective range of 100 meters from the object, with some exclusions.

At night, the object displays behavior of converting surrounding reality into a "dream" state, where (1) all known scientific laws no longer apply, (2) space, and reality, appears to bend within the perimeter, creating wormholes that are explicitly visible with their destinations made clear upon sight, each wormhole only lasts for 10 seconds before disappearing [see logs for more details], (3) all matter around the object is gradually converted into liquids, any organic matter affected will retain life signs, if that matter is part of any conscious being, it may even retain consciousness, gaining adjusted motor skills, and (4) all conscious beings within an extended perimeter appears to become coerced to submit to its direct control. Afterwards, when this stage ends, all of its effects gradually nullify wherein any affected matter is restored to its original state as if it had never been affected.

During the day, the object enters a "waking" state where the object emits intense levels of temperatures, recorded to have reached as high as ████████ degrees Celsius, and, during this state, a being resembling that of a man of indeterminate ethnicity, as it consists of only the color of glowing white, manifests in front of SCP-XXXX, designated SCP-XXXX-A2. Any personnel wishing to communicate with SCP-XXXX-A2 must do so via two-way telecommunication. Afterwards, when this stage ends, SCP-XXXX-A2 is absorbed into SCP-XXXX, and it begins to emit a cooling temperature that gradually frosts its surroundings, any matter that has been scorched can not be recovered with present understanding, and data.

The time that SCP-XXXX, un-adjusted, states is exactly that of the local time.

[██/██/████]: Any attempts to slow down, speed up, or distort the position of its arrows are strictly forbidden as per Incident-XXXX-1. If the positions are changed, supervising personnel must undo the changes as soon as possible whilst being as gentle, and as cautious as necessary.

[██/██/████]: Any unauthorized attempts to get within restricted proximity to SCP-XXXX will be met with either immediate termination or sedation as per Incident-XXXX-2.

[██/██/████]: An attempt to destroy the object has been conducted, and according to the data collected at present, the destruction of SCP-XXXX is deemed impossible with current technology, and it is theorized that its destruction harbors too many risks if such does occur.

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