Incident report 9-7-17
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Level 4 Clearance only!

Incident report 9-7-17

The following information records the events that has occurred on 9/7/2017.
SCP-#### was found in a small American town outside of the US-Canadian border during the events of the Northern Conflict, a international conflict between US and Canada. MTF unit Beta-7 was deployed to secure the entity but instead was caught in a firefight between American and Canadian forces.

Begin log….

[MTF unit Foxtrot-4 “The Fire Fighters” is sent to ████, Montana to secure SCP-####. The squad lands in the town with only gunfire and explosions filling the night sky, Captain █████ moves in seeing burnt buildings and bodies all over the street.]

Lieutenant ███: The bloody hell happened here? These damn yanks and Canadians can’t seem to end this shit.

Captain █████: Yeah these yanks have been fighting at the border for 2 years now, you would think the yanks would push through and hit Ottawa.

Captain █████: Forget the war, we’re here to secure an anomalous entity that burned these damn buildings and people to crisp, there suspension that the Canadians let this one run amuck.
[Artillery shell hits a nearby building, Captain █████ and the rest of the team we're shaking.]

Captain █████: No there not, miscalculation or Canadian artillery, but holy hell.

Private ████: Sir, I hear the firing coming closer.

Captain: █████: Ignore it, they will back down soon. I got a sight on SCP-####, move in and watch it if this thing sees us we are fucked.

[Team moves in closer to the anomaly, a bullet whisp by Private ████. Gunfire begins to flood the streets.]

Captain █████: Bloody hell! Who are they shooting at, Private get in some damn cover! We’re caught in a firefight!

Captain █████: Don’t shoot back, if we shoot back then all that attention goes to us.

[The team tries’s to move away from the fight, but instead are caught in an artillery exchange, Lieutenant ███ was killed in action.]

Lieutenant ███: I hear artillery! Get the fuck down now!

Lieutenant ███: Oh shit…

[Captain █████ calls for an evac helicopter.]

Captain █████: The evac will get here around 20 minutes, we need to find that bloody damn thing and secure it.

Private ███: But the Lieutenant! he's gone.

Captain █████: I know he’s gone but we need to get the fuck out of here and find that damn thing.

[The two remaining squad members search for SCP-####, one of the team members find a recently burned building with several burned soldier bodies.]

Captain █████: The fucker is close, watch out. Intel tells us that if you look at the damn thing you catch on fire.